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Allergy Treatment for Kids

Children, much like adults, also fall prey to allergies. Seasonal allergies affect children just as much as they do adults. So if these allergies affect children much like they affect adults, are the allergy treatments the same for children too? Do children have the same allergy symptoms as adults? Are there things that can be done in the way of allergy treatment that are non medication based? Below are questions like these that have been asked of and answered by the Experts.

What is an allergy treatment for kids?

Often, the most common allergy treatment for kids is antihistamine medications. There are medications that are offered over the counter such as Claritin and Benadryl. Some of the medications may not be appropriate for children under certain ages and a parent should consult with the child’s pediatrician before starting any medications. In addition to the oral medications, there are also nasal sprays that are made for daily use.

What are some allergy symptoms in kids?

There are many allergy symptoms that kids can become clear. These allergy symptoms in kids are much like those in adults. Some of the most common allergy symptoms in kids are a runny and stopped up nose, itchy, watery eyes, and often sneezing. Sometimes a nighttime cough is associated with allergies, due to post nasal drip.

What are some non medication allergy treatments for kids?

Some other allergy treatments for kids that are non medication treatments are simple things that parents can do. Putting a humidifier in the child’s room when they sleep, as well as slightly elevating the head of the child’s bed, can help the child with allergies. Also the use of hypo-allergenic pillow cases and sheets can also be helpful in dealing with allergies.

What kind of allergy treatment can be done for a child with itchy eyes?

If a child has itchy or watery eyes because of allergies, there are many over the counter eye drops that can be used as well as some oral allergy medications. Benadryl is one of those oral medications that can be used as an allergy treatment. However, Ii should be noted that pink eye can be caused by allergies and that if the over the counter medications do not help and the eyes that are pink and have matting drainage a doctor will need to be consulted.

Kids can be affected by allergies just like adults and often showcase similar symptoms. Allergy symptoms in kids can include stuffy or runny nose, itchy and watery eyes, and sometimes include a cough due to post nasal drainage. There are several different medications that are available over the counter that children are able to take. When a child begins to show signs of allergies, many parents are unaware of the treatments that are available, as well as if it is safe for a young child to be taking allergy medications.

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