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Treating Allergies in Children

An allergy is an unusual reaction of a person’s immune system to certain products or things in the environment. Allergies are a hypersensitivity disorder. The product or thing that can trigger an allergic reaction is called an allergen. Allergies can be caused due to a number of things and may differ in their symptoms depending on the allergens. Given below are some of the commonly asked questions that have been answered by Experts about allergies in children.

Do allergies make children hyper-active?

In some situations, some types of extensive skin allergies can cause hyperactivity in children. Besides this, hyperactivity or sedation is a common side effect of certain anti-allergy drugs.

Can Benadryl be given to a 6 month old child to treat allergies?

In most cases, doctors may not recommend giving a 6 month old child Benadryl to treat allergies. Instead, the child may be given Zyrtec if the child is 6 months or older in age. However, the parent may require a prescription in order to give a 6 month old child Zyrtec. If the parent is unable to visit the doctor immediately for a prescription, then the parent may put lots of saline drops in the child’s nose, give the child plenty of fluids and give the child Tylenol if the irritation increases.

If a 12 year old child has severe allergies and seasonal asthma, would taking out the child’s adenoids and tonsils help relieve some of the symptoms?

In some cases, taking out the child’s adenoids may help relieve some of the symptoms if the child has nasal congestion. The adenoids may make it tough for the child to breathe through their nose if the adenoids are enlarged. Hence, taking the adenoids out can be helpful. However, it may not affect the allergies in any way if the child’s tonsils are removed. Instead, the child may use a nasal spray like Flonase to reduce the allergy symptoms. The parents could also ensure that the child is in an environment that will not trigger their allergies.

Can a mother breastfeed her baby if she has any allergies?

The mother’s allergy is not an infective condition and as a result will not be passed on to the baby if he/she is breastfed. In fact, the baby could be given breast milk because there is a greater chance of the baby getting an allergy with cow’s milk or formula, in the case the baby has inherited the tendency to get the allergies from the mother. Also, if the mother is taking any kind of medication for the allergy, it will be passed onto the child from the milk thereby preventing the child from getting the allergy.

How can one determine if a child has a seasonal allergy?

Seasonal allergies will occur at least two times in a specific season only. One can conduct a blood test or a skin test to determine whether the child has got a seasonal allergy or not.

What kind of medications can be given to a 7 year old child in order to treat allergies, when the child has been given Claritin but there was no effect on the allergy?

The child may be given Zyrtec or Allegra to treat the allergy if Claritin is not working. Both of these medicines may be available over the counter. Most antihistamines may stop working after a period of time, if this is the case the parent may need to rotate the different medications at regular intervals.

Many children may be prone to different kinds of allergies. The child could be allergic to something they eat or to something in the environment around them. These allergic reactions can make a child very restless and irritable. Many times, parents may confuse these allergies to infections or asthma because of the similarity in the symptoms. It is important for parents to be able to distinguish between allergies and these other conditions so that the parent does not give their child wrong medicines and identify the cause of the allergy. There are so many different kinds of allergies and causes that it may not be easy for you to find out about all of them on your own. You may ask an Expert if you have any specific questions about allergies in children or generally need more information about them.
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