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Alcohol Test Problems

Do you or someone that you know need to know what alcohol is? Do you need to know how alcohol affects an individual’s body? Need to know how long alcohol is in the body? Do you need to know how far back alcohol can be detected? Experts can clear up some of these concerns that people can have.

What is alcohol?

Alcohol is a drug, classified as a depressant which means it slows down a person’s essential functions, such as slurred speech, uneven movements, troubled perceptions and slow reaction time. Alcohol can also affect the mind and is thought of more like a drug that lessens an individual’s capability to think clearly. Often those under the influence of alcohol can make unwise decisions. The amount that is consumed can determine whether it is considered a depressant or not. For more information about alcohol read below where Experts have answered several questions.

How long after alcohol is consumed will it not be detected in the blood?

Alcohol is processed at a pace of about one drink for every hour. If there is more than one drink consumed in an hour the rate would slow down. The more that is drank in an hour such as two drinks this would take about three hours, and so on. This means that it would take around an hour and a half for each drink consumed in the same hour.

How far can a urine test detect alcohol in the system?

This can really depend on how much alcohol was consumed. Normally, the range that this can be detected would be around one to five days. Often individuals will have a negative test result by 26 hours after the average or minimum alcohol intake.

Would it be possible for someone who was diabetic ketoacidosis to have a false positive alcohol test?

If someone is a diabetic and is in a diabetic ketoacidosis range, there is a good chance an alcohol test could be a false positive. This would have to be through a blood test instead of a breathalyzer. The reason for this is because the alcohol in the blood from diabetic ketoacidosis would be around 0.01 percent. This would not be enough to show up on a breathalyzer.

Is there anything that can be done to the hair so alcohol cannot be detected during a hair follicle test?

There is not anything that can be done to remove a drug metabolite or alcohol metabolites from the hair. The reason for this is because the alcohol metabolites are integrated in the hair shaft when it grows out. Soon enough the hair will grow long enough that the part of the hair, which has the alcohol metabolites, will not hold the metabolites for testing. However, this could take quite awhile.

Alcohol is considered to be a drug, which individuals used to try and escape their issues. This type of drug can be considered as a depressant. There are tests that can be used to check for alcohol in the blood. For more information about alcohol individuals can contact an Expert.
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