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Alcatel Phone Problems

The Alcatel cell phones are a brand of mobile phones. They are products from the joint venture between Alcatel-Lucent of France and TCL Communication of China and this joint venture was established in 2004. Alcatel offers a variety of models of smartphones and feature phones as well as tablets and are designed to suit various requirements.

To understand and read about Alcatel phone problems, below are a few questions answered by Experts.

Why does the Alcatel phone display a message stating incoming/outgoing calls cannot be received or made?

This type of an issue could be symptomatic to a problem with the phone, network or the settings. Hence the following checks can be performed:
1. Ensure whether a valid number has been dialed and the “pick up call” key is pressed
2. It should be ensured that the Alcatel phone is connected to the network which is not overloaded or unavailable
3. The subscription status of the service provider should be cross verified

In case the problem persists despite the above checks, the following settings can be checked:
1. The call barring facility could have been activated which can prevent outgoing or incoming calls. If it is activated, the setting should be canceled or deactivated
2. The flight mode could be activated. This mode entails the Alcatel phone is disconnected from the service provider thereby preventing outgoing or incoming calls. If it is activated, it should be canceled.

Does “Spy Bubble” work with prepaid Cricket Alcatel cell phones?

The Spy Bubble application (App) essentially works with most Android smartphones and should work with the Alcatel cell phones. There are pro versions available of this, but this version may not be necessary to operate the Spy Bubble since the Pro version mainly provides or offers more features.

How can the Alcatel phone on Tracfone be unlocked so that a AT&T SIM card can be used on it?

When it comes to mobiles phones from Tracfone including Alcatel cell phones, they cannot be unlocked to be used on another provider’s network. However if the main aim is to use AT&T, there are reasonably priced phones available through their “GoPhones” option which is quite similar to the existing Alcatel cell phone being used.

What can be done if the Alcatel phone screen has gone black even though calls and texts are going through?

Most probably the LCD digitizer would need replacing in this case. This should be covered under the one year warranty. Even if the Alcatel phone is over a year old such as a couple months over 12 months, the cell providers usually honor the warranty.

Why doesn’t the Alcatel cell phone save the ringtones set? They need to be reset each time.

This Alcatel cell phone is most probably the variety which operates on the Firefox operating system. The reason the settings could be getting lost is probably because the Alcatel phone is being powered down. In this scenario, it is better not to completely turn off the phone at night and instead leave it to charge or idle. This can help if one is not aware on how to make the ringtone configuration settings permanent or if the settings are not immune to powering down.

If purchasing an Alcatel phone dual band, “pay-as-you-go“ mobile in London, will it work in Jamaica with a Digicel chip?

The main requirement in this case for the Alcatel cell phone to work is that it should be unlocked. Once unlocked it should be able to work with any provider through the insertion of a SIM card or chip.

How can the Alcatel phone 665 locked to the Orange network be used in South Africa?

The Alcatel cell phone needs to be unlocked in order for it to work in South Africa. This is possible by obtaining an unlock code. To get the unlock code, the following link can be visited: unlock code link

Here the IMEI number of the Alcatel phone should be provided after which # 6 should be pressed. The code obtained from the website can be entered. After which proceed in purchasing the unlock code and following the instructions provided. This can help unlock the Alcatel cell phone to allow it to be used on any network through a valid SIM card and service.

Alcatel phone problems need not be limited to manufacturing defects, software or hardware related issues. There can be occasions when needing to know how to obtain, use, unlock, modify or delete certain features. The answers, quick tips or suggestions needed for Alcatel phone problems may not be easy to find without the guidance of an Expert. Experts can play an important role and provide customized information and solutions to Alcatel phone problem.
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