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Albon for dogs

What is Albon for dogs?

Albon is a medication that is commonly used to fight bacterial infection; this antibiotic can also be used to help fight coccidiosis, which is a very serious parasitic infection that dogs can get. Albon for dogs can come in two different forms, tablet or a liquid form. The liquid form can be given by injection or an oral treatment. Albon for dogs is normally only given one time every 24 hours. Sometimes the first dosage is bigger than the recommended dose. You can read below where the thousands of Experts have answered some of the most frequently asked questions:

Is Albon a recommended medication for a dog that has Parvo considering a common side effect is vomiting?

Parvo is considered a virus; Albon is normally used to fight bacterial infections. Albon most likely would not be a treatment for Parvo. This medication usually is prescribed to treat Coccidia; which is a protozoal parasite that is found in the intestines. Albon for dogs usually has antibiotic action, rather than antiviral action. Now for the concern of vomiting, Albon hardly causes a dog to vomit. Several medications that are given orally may have a side effect of vomiting.

Can Albon and Flagyl be given at the same time? If so what would the proper dosage for a 5 pound dog?

Both Albon and Flagyl are medications that fight off parasites, so if both of these medications are being given with the right dosage these medications should be safe to be given at the same time. When the dog has finished the treatment of both medications a stool sample should probably be done to make sure that the parasites are gone. Now as for the dosage of Albon and Flagyl most likely both will be the same dosage, which should be around 50 milligrams on time a day. Now if the Albon is in liquid form the dosage should be 1 milliliter.

Can Albon for dogs be used to treat diarrhea?

Albon is not usually recommended to treat diarrhea, but it could be able to treat the diarrhea. Albon for dogs is normally used to treat Coccidia, which is a parasite in the intestine. Usually a common treatment for diarrhea is Imodium; this is normally given 0.1 milligrams for every pound the dog weighs around 3 times a day.

Can a dog that is only 3 weeks old be given Albon?

In some cases where the dog is so young it may be advised that Albon is not given, this is especially for dogs that are still nursing, if the dog is taking Albon it may need to be given with great caution. If the dog is going to have benefits rather than risks, a confirmed diagnosis that the dog has an infection that has to be treated with Albon with a strict dosage. Most likely the best dose would be at least half of the dose that would be given to an adult dog.

Some dogs that become sick may have to take medication to get rid of the infection whether that is a parasite or bacterial infection. Albon for dogs is usually given when a dog has a serious parasite or infection. Albon for dogs can usually only be given to adult dogs, otherwise the risks can outweigh the benefits. For more information regarding Albon for dogs you can ask the Experts for fast and reliable answers.
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