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Car Alarm Troubleshooting

Is your car alarm system affected when you lose battery power? Need to reprogram your car alarm system but don’t know how? Apart from the safety angle, the car alarm system is a convenient feature especially if the remote is used. When something goes wrong, however, there is little a user can do apart from checking all connections, ensuring there is power or resetting the system. When in doubt about a car alarm system, or if you need help with one, ask an Expert.

Read below where Experts have answered questions related to typical car alarm system problems.

Why does a Clifford remote car alarm start the car, then shut it down and sound the alarm?

This is typically caused by a power problem where the alarm appears to lose battery power. It could be due to a bad battery connection or a current drain on the battery when the car is shut down. Check out the battery and all related connections. Also, check the alternator and ensure that it is charging properly.

Why does an old Alpine car alarm system not work even after the battery has been replaced?

Put the alarm into program mode and set it up as if this is a new installation. To put the car into programming mode, hold the brake down and turn the ignition switch ten times rapidly without starting the ar. This should put the vehicle into programming mode. Next, program the remote by holding down the Disarm/Valet button on the main alarm module and pressing the RESET button just before it enters Valet mode. When the remote begins to flash, hold down the TX button. If that does not help then just use the RESET button to reset the system. 

Where is the override button on a Scytek G20 car alarm?

Typically, the override button is located in the glove compartment. If it isn’t there it should be somewhere at the bottom of the dashboard on the driver’s side. These are the two most common locations but it could have been installed anywhere at the installer’s choice. If it is not in either of the two most likely places, then the only way to locate it is to trace the wires beginning at the alarm system.

How to troubleshoot a Viper alarm and remote which has stopped beeping after the batteries were replaced?

Case Details: Additionally, the blue light in the window which used to blink when the car was locked now stays on all the time.

Whether the light on the antenna in the window blinks or remains on continuously depends on how the system was configured. To change it and to get it beeping again the system will need to be reprogrammed.

What problem could cause an SP 502 Crimestopper alarm remote to suddenly stop responding?

This usually happens when the main unit in the car goes out of valet mode. Correct this by switching on the valet switch, a small electrical switch normally mounted under the dashboard on the driver’s side. If the switch is not in valet mode then the system might need to be reset. To do this the negative terminal of the battery will need to be temporarily disconnected.

How to repair a Marksman X3 alarm where the alarm has stopped working though all other related features work normally?

Check all fuses and connections. Next, check that the valet switch has been turned on. There also may be a separate switch to disable the alarm which might have inadvertently been turned off. If everything checks out but the alarm still does not work then the device is probably faulty because alarm systems though cheap are prone to failure.

Can the alarm system on a Hyundai Elantra be disabled, and if so how?

The alarm system, the time feature and alarm control unit are all built into one comprehensive unit which cannot be disabled without disabling the car itself. However, locking the car door manually bypasses the alarm. Use the manual lock button on the driver’s side door to lock the car and the alarm will not arm. Nevertheless, the remote can still be used to unlock the car doors.

Most car alarm systems are universally compatible. However, some have more features than others so the choice of which one to go with would depend on the user and the need. Most users rely on the system for basic security and for ease of locking and unlocking the vehicle through the remote. If you need more information on car alarm systems, which system to buy, or how to handle a problem, ask an Expert. Verified Experts are available online at your convenience to answer all your questions. 

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