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Airport Express Problems

Airport Express, an Apple product, is a wireless router which was released in 2004. It is a smaller and more compact version of Airport Extreme. When connected to an Ethernet network Airport Express performs like a wireless access point. Airport Express can be used to stream music wirelessly through Airtunes, one of its features. It also works as an effective wireless range extender, and can be used as a printer or audio server. It is designed to handle as many as 50 networked users. While this is a generally reliable product, at times Airport Express problems do arise which are rarely hardware related. Some common examples of Airport Express troubleshooting are addressed here.

Why does Airport Express not work after the router and wireless connection were changed?

Sometimes the yellow light remains on indicating that there is an issue with Airport Express. Another pointer is that a computer does not connect with it. First try to reset Airport Express. If that does not work, one solution could be that Airport Express will need to be reconfigured to make it compatible with the new router. To reconfigure it is necessary to know the wireless network name (SSID) as well as the security key and password for the new router and encryption information (WEP, WPA, or WPA2). Connect Airport Express to the computer through an Ethernet cable. Once this is done the Airport Utility can be run and configure itself, then the Ethernet cable removed and Airport Express setup moved to where it is to be located. If Airport Express is being used as a wireless network extender it will work only with another Airport Express, Airport Extreme Base Station or Time Capsule.

Once Airport Express is unplugged and replugged it connects with some devices like the PC but not the iPad others. What should be done?

Unplug all systems from each other and also from the power for a few minutes. Then restart first with the modem, then Airport Express, then the computer. If the problem still persists reset Airport Express by pushing the reset pin at the rear and setup Airport Express again.

How does a user set the security lock on an Airport Express?

The first step is to update the software (refer to the upper left hand corner on Apple). Install all the updates; there must be a separate update for Airport Express. In the process the user has the option to create new passwords for base station Airport Express and wireless, as well as a new wireless network name.

When Itunes are played through Airport Express why does the sound cut out for a second every minute or two?

Intermittent sound in the stream could be due to a number of factors. Here is a list of possible solutions: It could be due to interference from portable phones, large metal furniture, cell phones, microwaves and other electronic appliances in the vicinity. Try to move Airport Express away from these possible impediments. The Airport card might be defective. A defective card will also create loss of connection with the web. A neighbor’s wireless network could be interfering with the base station. Move Airport Express and the PC to several different locations away from possible interference.

How does a user extend the network by adding a second Airport Express base station to one already in place after following setup instructions?

One minor mistake often made is that the Caps Lock is on during the setup which interferes with it. Turn off Caps Lock and redo the setup. This should resolve the problem. Airport Express is a very versatile router with additional appealing features, especially its music streaming ability. It is robust in operation and reliable though problems do arise at times. These are often minor and relate to settings. If you encounter a problem ask an Expert for Airport Express help.
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