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Airline Complaints and Refund Issues

Airline complaints range from airline fraud from corporations, lost baggage, horrible service, or even false advertisement. Some issues are handled through resolution with the company. However, if you cannot get a resolution from the company it is essential to know where to turn for help. Ask legal Experts for more information regarding airline refunds and complaints.

Where to file a complaint with a small claims court against the airline company for overcharging for tickets?

Case Details: Original ticket fees were $7000; seeking $3700 due to class difference. Airline company only wants to pay $440.00.

First, contact the FBI as they have jurisdiction over internet fraud. The complaint can be file where one placed the order, but some courts will require them to file where the company's home office is located. The rules about this are still being developed but most people start by trying to file where they were located when they placed the order. Since the person filing the complaint will be providing the evidence on which the court will base its judgment, they must be present at the hearing.

Should one sue a resort or the travel agent for reimbursement?

If there was a breach in performance, then sue the resort in question. Then contact the agent to negotiate a refund and file a complaint, the agent should then contact the resort to resolve this to prevent losing business and a complaint to the department of consumer affairs. Filing for a civil lawsuit is expensive if the resort has no assets or presence in the US.

How to get a refund on airline tickets if the airline went out of business?

The person can contact the credit card company and explain the situation. The company may or may not reimburse for the credit and charges. If the airline was bought out by another, then they will probably honor resolve the ticket issue.

How to get a refund on airline tickets if duplicate tickets were bought through an online venue?

First, contact the airline to see if they will give a credit since they must have a no refund policy. If this was the buyer’s mistake, all the buyer can do is re-sell them as long as they are not non-transferable.

How to get a refund from the airline for lost checked luggage?

The airline only has to compensate for the actual value of the luggage and content plus they have to pay you the amount of money you paid to check the bag.  Also, read the conditions for any limitations of liability contained on those documents, which would bind the airline and that person in contract. 

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