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Volvo Airbag Troubleshooting

Why did the airbag not deploy in a crash? Do you need help deciphering the error codes on your Volvo? The airbag also known as a supplemental inflatable restraint system, is a passive safety device along with seat belts. It inflates to provide a cushioning that absorbs impact force during a moderate or severe frontal collision and helps prevent direct contact with the steering wheel, instrument panel or the windshield. The airbag is activated through sensors located at the front of the Volvo. Problems with the airbag is a direct safety issue or a cause of concern which you should troubleshoot or deal with soon. Asking a verified Experts can be of great assistance. Read below where Experts have answered questions on Volvo airbag problems.

How to check if a crash sensor has reset after the airbag was deployed?

Case Details: The Volvo S80 was in a collision and a new airbag was installed.

If the collision was frontal, the crash sensor for detection is present in the airbag computer. However, after a collision the airbag computer may also need to be replaced along with the airbag because the sensor could have experienced an internal fault or damage. In case the computer is fine, you can try clearing the fault codes to check if it works again. Some Volvos may have individual sensors located at the front of the vehicle.

What does the code ‘0034d’ along with an “urgent service airbag” warning light on a Volvo S40 indicate?

This diagnostic trouble code gets stored if the control module registers the ignition cable resistance being too high for longer than 2.5 seconds. The source of this could be open circuit or contact resistance in the SRS ignition cable or in the connector between the supplemental restraint system module (SRS) and the passenger airbag. It could also be an open circuit in the passenger airbag where resistance is very high in the igniter section. Another possibility is that the airbag control module could be faulty or it could be a wiring issue.

Is the SRS warning light and Driver Information Module (DIM) being on related to the Volvo airbag?

The SRS warning light being on does affect the airbag. It makes the car similar to driving a non-airbag vehicle. There would be no supplemental restraints and the airbags along with seat belt tensioners will be disabled. This will not be safe for driving. An internal fault with the cluster or DIM can cause an issue since the SRS control module is unable to communicate with it, causing the airbag light to turn on.

What can be done about the airbag warning light after a battery replacement on the Volvo?

The airbag computer may have detected a fault code, illuminating the light. This is probably because of voltage loss while replacing the battery or another code may have caused this. Usually while changing a battery and reconnecting the cables, a voltage surge/spike can short circuit a fuse. You can check to ensure fuses are not blown. If the fuses are fine, the code will have to be cleared by plugging a scan tool to the Volvo’s data port to communicate with the vehicle’s computers. In case the code is outdated and the problem is not present anymore, the airbag light should turn off on its own once the ignition is switched on and off over several drives.

What happens if the airbag control gets wet?

If the airbag control module or ECU gets wet, it can short circuit or the module can provide false readings or internal codes. There is no updated programming which can correct this code. This can also cause other airbag codes as well. To overcome this problem, the SRS module would need to be replaced.

What does it mean if the “Urgent Airbag” warning light came on along with the “Check Engine light”?

The airbag light coming on could be a simple problem where the passenger seat was moved, thereby changing the resistance in the wire to the sensors or airbags. The check engine light may not be related to the airbag and could be that the cap was not fitted tight after filling gas or maybe the Volvo needs a tune up.

Airbags are essential safety devices in most cars today. Though you are aware of its presence you may not be aware on how to deal with airbag related problems. As seen above, warning lights, faults with other parts and so on, can be related to the Volvo airbag. With insights from Experts online you can become aware of the reason, causes, repair and replacement needed for different airbag problems you may be facing. All this can happen from the comfort of your home, in a quick and affordable manner.

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