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Mercedes Air Suspension Problems?

Mercedes air suspension problems can be varied. The suspension system may have a couple of methods of operation such as manual or automatic. Sometimes, if the manual adjustment button does not function, Experts suggest checking whether sensors present on each suspension arm under the vehicle are not binding, water damage is absent and the wiring is fine. Another possibility could be an incorrect sensor entering the suspension system module. Reading the fault codes would be the first sensible step to take to rectify the problem.

To get more information on Mercedes Benz air suspension problems, listed below are a few common questions answered by Experts.

After installing a new compressor, the right rear still seems to be low while the other three corners are high. How can the Mercedes air suspension be reset?

A fault code is usually stored in the Mercedes air suspension computer and until these codes are read or cleared using a scan tool or SDS machine, the compressor and Mercedes air suspension is prevented from operating. In case there are no fault codes present, sometimes, the old compressor can damage the compressor relay as well as blow its fuse. It would be a good idea to check and replace the fuse and compressor relay if necessary. Generally compressor relays should be changed anytime the compressor is replaced.

What does the following error signify each time the Mercedes S500 is started; “car is low, stop, visit workshop”? The Mercedes air suspension turns on each time the car is started.

This could be a case of an air leak in the suspension system which is causing the car to rise but is taking too long to reach normal driving level. Here the shock absorbers should be examined and listened to for air leaks. The air-hose connected above each shock should be checked as well. It is preferable to have this checked by a mechanic since they will be able to differentiate and diagnose. In case the shock absorber is defective, the cost of each one is approximately $750.

While driving over bumps the car was shaking and when parked the rear of the car dropped dramatically and the sensor prevented driving. Is this a Mercedes air suspension problem?

There could be two possibilities in this case. First the Mercedes air suspension can drop when the car is parked for a few days because the air in the bags tends to seep out. However it levels once the pressure in the pump normalizes. On the other hand, there may be cases of updated pumps which do not provide sufficient pressure, preventing the system from rising completely. There are a few recalls of these and the local dealer would be able to provide more information whether the faulty component is present on this Mercedes car. The other possibility could be leaking rear shocks which can cause noises from the rear and make the car shake as well.

Why has the front of the E320 lowered where the tires are rubbing the wheel arch, especially at the driver’s side? Is Mercedes air suspension repair expensive?

This is a fairly common problem with the airmatic suspension on the Mercedes E class especially once it completes 75,000 miles and is prone to face more problems as it ages. In this case the front suspension strut is leaking. Struts are more expensive to replace and cost approximately $1,000 each, however if you opt for aftermarket remanufactured units, it may be more economical. Strut replacement usually requires two hours of labor. Another possibility could be leakage from an air-line which is a cheaper repair. Since most Mercedes air suspension models are prone to leakage, it would be a good idea to begin by inspecting the Mercedes air suspension for leaks. Since the car appears to be more affected at the driver’s side, the driver’s side suspension strut could have failed.

Is it normal for the Mercedes air suspension to lower when the car is parked and locked? It rises again once the car is started.

This is a normal phenomenon with the Mercedes air suspension, where it tends to relieve some pressure on the suspension components and settles it to a certain extent. When the car is started the Mercedes air suspension tends to rise in order to compensate for the added weight. Basically the vehicle is re-aligned or leveled. Hence there is no cause for concern unless the vehicle is touching the ground and codes/errors are being displayed on the instrument cluster.

Mercedes Benz air suspension problems may not be easy to decipher especially since the problem could be due to many other related parts and at times it could be other associated problems. To know more about Mercedes Benz air suspensions and answers to any particular questions and problems regarding Mercedes air suspensions, seeking Experts opinion and guidance can be valuable for correct diagnosis and action.

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