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BMW Air Intake System

What is the BMW air intake system?

The air intake system of a car’s engine draws in air, cleans it of dust and dirt and injects it into the combustion chamber to allow for ignition. The BMW air intake system is a critical component of the car that contributes to its impressive performance. BMW air intake problems can affect the way the car runs and can also cause engine damage. BMW air intake system problems should be attended to as soon as possible and the best way of doing this is by getting answers and insights from Experts.

If a cold air intake is added to a 650i will it void the warranty?

Adding a cold air system will not void the whole warranty but anything related to the BMW air intake system may not be covered, depending on the nature and cause of the failure. And doing the modification planned will not really improve performance significantly so this option may want to be reconsidered.

Is it possible the air intake system was assembled wrong as the 2004 BMW X5 starts fine but shuts down after a few seconds and codes P0102, P1419 and P0171 are being sent after replacing the BMW system?

The codes that are being seen mean: P0102 - Mass or Volume Air Flow Circuit Low Input; P1419 - Secondary Air Mass Flow Sensor Circuit; and P0171 - System Too Lean (Bank 1). From this is seems likely that while assembling the air intake system it may have been disconnected or the mass airflow sensor or the system wiring damaged.

Could a BMW air intake hose on a 2000 BMW 330ci that was replaced with a different model hose cause it to run rough and misfire under load?

The problem is caused by the fitment of the wrong sized BMW air intake hose. The fact that the roughness and misfiring happen only under load indicates that either there is not adequate airflow or it is getting through in a bad condition. Replace the hose with the correct spec BMW air intake hose.

If a car is still under warranty are genuine BMW performance enhancement parts a better option than reputed aftermarket products and should they be installed by a dealer or will any shop be able to make the repairs?

It is usually advised to stick to BMW parts to protect the warranty and prevent it being voided. However having a mechanic or shop perform the repairs is usually ok, unless the car is still under warranty, and then the repairs usually need to be made by whatever choice the warranty insurance recommends. Typically, most mechanic shops should be able to order genuine BMW parts, and perform the repairs, but it will depend on the warranty.

Which should be installed first, a performance BMW air intake system or an Eisenmann exhaust and how much of an improvement in performance in a E92 325i can be expected?

Neither of the modifications planned will have a real impact on the performance of the car. The engine sound and overall noise may change, but there will be little increase in the power. Owners may want to re-think the planned course of action. If they do decide to go ahead, it does not matter which change to the BMW air intake and exhaust system is done first.

It can be difficult to diagnose BMW air intake system problems. And repairs and replacement of parts should be done in the proper manner to avoid exacerbating the problem and increasing the repair costs. A car owner who does not find the help he is looking for in the owner’s manual should obtain guidance and information from Experts on the right way to deal with the problem.
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