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Air Force Academy Questions

What is the United States Air Force Academy?

The United States Air Force Academy or USAFA is a military school for officer applicants of the United States Air Force. The academy is located in Colorado in the United States. The Academy’s assignment is to educate, train and inspire many men and women who wish to become officers of character and that are motivated to lead the Air Force to serve the United States. Read below where questions regarding the US Air Force Academy have been answered by the Experts.

What are the United States Air Force Academy requirements?

In order to be eligible to enter the USAFA (United States Air Force Academy) one must meet these requirements:

They must be a citizen of the United States; the member must show citizenship before entering the academy.
They must be at least 17 years old, but less than 23 years old by July 1st of the year they are wanting to enter the academy. The age requirement is a public law and they cannot receive a waiver.
They must be unmarried and with no dependents.
They must have good character.
They must also meet high leadership, academic, physical, and medical standards.

If someone was honorably discharged from the United States Air Force Academy, would they be considered a Veteran?

There is no worldwide veteran definition. Each and every organization has their own requirements that define someone as a veteran. If they have served on active duty, or in a reserve role, then they need to meet the requirement to be considered a veteran by many organizations.

Someone who has recently graduated from the USAFA has received a speeding ticket in the state of Florida, how does this affect their military career?

In the state of Florida this is not considered a criminal act or a criminal violation. This person will not receive a criminal record, and it should not affect their security clearance or risk their military career, not including the actions that violate the rules of the school. Under the Uniform Code of Military Justice and many other commands, their civil penalties will not reflect on their military service. When a person is in an academy or other advance school, the academies do have very strict rules for behaviors on and off campus. This is to keep a positive image for the schools.

If someone is in their last year of the United States Air Force Academy and has received drug related charges, what can their punishments be?

The Air Force Academy can do one of two things:

The Academy can process this charge as administratively. That means that they can separate this person for suspected behavior administratively. This can create a less risk for this person, and could not face criminal convictions.
The Academy can prosecute this charge under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. As a military student, the student is in question to the Uniform Code of Military Justice, and they can be prosecuted at a court martial. If the Academy does decide to do this, the student would be assigned an attorney and could be entitled to all the processes that relate with the court martial, but they could be looking at a punitive discharge and a criminal conviction.

When entering or wanting to enter the United States Air Force Academy there are many requirements and laws that are to be met before entering. These laws and requirements can often times be confusing. Before joining the Academy you should understand all of the rules and requirements, that way you are not walking into an academy that you know nothing about. To learn more about the Air Force training, air force academy laws and requirements consult in Expert help.
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