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Air Filter Problems

What is an air filter?

An air filter is a device made to reduce or filter the air that passes through. It traps and removes dust and impurities from the air to make the air healthier as well as to protect certain types of equipment from damage and impaired functioning caused by dirt. Common problems include air filters getting choked with dirt resulting in restricted airflow, the right way to clean them and the equipment problems that defective air filters can cause. Below are some of the most common questions on air filter problems that have been answered by Experts.

How to remove a furnace air filter for cleaning?

The procedure for removing the air filter depends on the make and model. If your furnace is the type that has the air filter inside the blower cabinet, with a metal bar holding it in place, push the bar down all the way and then push the bar to the back of the furnace so it can be removed from the slot and the filter becomes free for removal. Make sure that you turn the furnace off before doing anything to prevent the air filter from being sucked in.

How to check a Honeywell electronic air filter to see if it is functioning properly?

This seems to be a common air filter problem. The only test for the functioning of the air filter recommended by Honeywell is to use the test switch. If you find that the cells are clean but the spark is weak, this generally indicates that the power head is failing. You can register a service request but it is likely that the air filter will have to be replaced. In that case, you can consider replacing the electronic filter with a pleated one, but with these you will not get any indication when it becomes inefficient or stops working.

How to clean the steel mesh filters on a Rheem Classic 90 Plus furnace?

In most cases, removing the steel mesh air filters and using a hose to clean them is enough. In case this does not remove all the accumulated dirt and grime use any of the non-acid coil cleaners available on the market. Do not use any cleaner that contains acid or bleach as these will damage the air filters.

How to fix a Bryant Plus 90 High-Efficiency furnace that quit working after changing the dirty air filter?

A furnace condenses gas and produces water as a byproduct. This can cause problems when the external temperature is very low. Check the drain line and see if it is blocked with dirt or ice and clear the blockage. Also, check your exhaust to see if there are any dips where water may collect and freeze. Both these conditions will result in the furnace not working and an “Open Pressure Switch” blink code. Also, since your air filter was dirty, the evaporator coil may also need cleaning. Restricted airflow can cause the furnace to stop working, although the blower may continue to run. Other common causes of a furnace not functioning are blocked returns and supply runs, a dirty secondary heat exchanger, a defective limit switch or a blower motor problem.

Will it damage an air conditioner if plastic wrapping was accidently sucked into the unit while changing the indoor air filter?

The plastic has most likely been sucked deep into the unit. This can result in the coil getting blocked which may cause ice formation to occur. It will be better to get a professional to open the panel and ductwork to locate the plastic and remove it before it does any damage.

Is it safe to replace an electronic air filter with a media one, or will it cause problems?

Replacing an electronic air filter with a media one is possible and also very common. Media air filters are available at home improvement stores and also online.

It is advisable to consult the Owner’s Manual before attempting to replace or repair an air filter to prevent both injury and damage to the equipment. However, if an Owner’s Manual is not readily available, you may need to ask an Expert for help.

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