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Mercedes Air Filter Questions

How do you know if an air filter needs to be replaced? Why is the Check Engine light on after a Mercedes air filter is replaced? Identifying air filter problems and the correct solutions can often be a complex task. The opinions of Experts will give you the information needed to overcome your air filter problem. Read below for questions regarding the Mercedes air filter answered by Experts.

How is air filter replacement done on a 2007 Mercedes ML 350 CDI?

The air filter replacement procedure is as follows:

  • Remove the engine trim panel.
  • In order to prevent scratching or damage to the panel, it should be placed on a soft padded surface.
  • Remove the left and right air filter housings.
  • Unscrew the bolts.
  • Remove the cover for the air filter housings.
  • The filter elements are now accessible and can be pulled out.
  • Clean the inner surfaces of the air filter housing.
  • Install the new filter elements in the reverse order.
  • A Star Diagnosis tool should be used to reset quantity mean value adaption data.

What could cause the Check Engine Light to illuminate on a Mercedes CLK 350 after the air filter were changed?

Presuming that the Check Engine light coming on is connected to the replacement of the air filters and is not a coincidence connected to some other problem, the possible reasons for the Check Engine light to come on are:

  • The air filter housings are not properly fitted or secured causing unmetered air to enter the system.
  • The air intake tube has not been properly secured thereby allowing unmetered air to be sucked in.
  • The vacuum hose was inadvertently knocked loose and not refitted.
  • The mass air flow sensor was not correctly plugged in.

The vehicle should be taken back to the shop that did the job so that these issues can be investigated and corrected.

How is the cabin air filter (the dust filter) replaced on a Mercedes ML 350?

To replace the cabin air filter:

  • Remove the lower cover below in the instrument panel on the passenger side. This is done by unlatching the retaining clamp and then removing the cover.
  • The air filter is now accessible and can be pulled out in a downward motion.
  • The new filter can be replaced by reversing this procedure.

Could the Check Engine light coming on in a 2010 Mercedes E350 soon after the air filters were changed be connected to the fact that the metal clip at the back of that air filter housing not staying in place?

The Check Engine light and the clamp not staying in place suggest that the air cleaner has not be correctly fitted to the mass air flow sensor. The air cleaner should be removed so that the air filter installation as well as the fitting of the air cleaner can be checked. If there is no problem there, the vehicle should be hooked up to a Mercedes scan tool so that any stored fault codes can be read out.

What could cause the Check Engine light to illuminate on a Mercedes C300 after the air filter was changed and the vehicle runs perfectly?

Small issues in the installation of the new air filter like the housing not being properly secured or the air injection hose getting pinched can cause the Check Engine light to come on although there will be no effect on the vehicle’s performance. The air filter installation should be checked and the vehicle taken to a shop or auto part store that has a Mercedes compatible scan tool to have the code that is causing the light to come on erased.

Could the fact that a 2003 Mercedes C230 Kompressor stalled and will not restart after driving through deep water be a sign of major engine damage?

If water has entered the engine this can cause a hydraulic lock up as water will not compress in the cylinders causing the engine to cut out. This can cause severe engine damage. However, before considering this possibility, the air filter and intake should be checked for signs of water ingress. The intake should be cleaned and dried out and the filter replaced. If this is the extent of the problem, the vehicle should start.

How is the cabin air filter replaced in a 2012 Mercedes Ml 350 Bluetec Diesel?

To replace the cabin air filter:

  • Switch off the ignition.
  • Open the hood and raise it to the vertical position.
  • Remove the cover over the right suspension strut tower.
  • Remove the air ducting.
  • The air filter in the ventilation box is now accessible and can be removed.
  • The inside of the air ducting should be cleaned.
  • The new filter can be installed by reversing the above process.

How is the air filter housing removed on a 2008 Mercedes R450?

To remove the air filter housing:

  • Remove the reinforcement between the wheel assemblies.
  • Remove the partition wall between the wheelhouses.
  • Lift out the front engine cover in an upward motion.
  • Remove the left and right air intake ducts.
  • Detach the air pump hose at the air filter housing.
  • The air filer housing can now be pulled upwards from the mounts on the left and right cylinder head cover.
  • Place the housing on a soft padded surface to prevent scratching and damage.
  • Care should be taken to ensure that the sealing ring in the housing is not damaged.

Because the symptoms of air filter problems are similar to those of many other issues – starting problems, loss of power, vehicle stalling etc. – experience and knowledge of Mercedes air filter issues is necessary to identify the problems and find solutions. The guidance of Experts will tell you what you need to know to fix your air filter issues. Experts are available online to answer Mercedes air filter questions and more at your convenience.

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