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Air Damper Questions

A damper can be referred to a valve or a plate which regulates or deflects the flow of air inside a duct, air handler, chimney or other air handling equipment. On one hand it can also be used to cease heating and cooling and on the other hand it is used to control various temperatures and climate control. Dampers can be manual or automatic. The manual ones are usually adjusted with a handle on the exterior of the duct. Automatic ones are operated by electric motors controlled by a thermostat. Listed below are a few common questions answered by the Experts on air damper.

Why is a side by side Frigidaire refrigerator freezing the contents irrespective of the thermostat setting?

This refrigerator will have an air damper located at the left rear upper corner at the refrigerator section. Based on the refrigerator control, this damper opens and shuts. You will need to test the control using an OHM meter as well as the damper motor. Prior to testing the refrigerator should be unplugged. Your refrigerator control usually has two terminals. When the control signals the damper to open, the contact gets closed leading to continuity across the terminals. In case you have just two terminals on the control you can bypass across the two wires and re-plug the refrigerator. The damper should close when you do this. If it does not, check for 120 volts going to the damper motor. It is usually recommended by technicians to change the entire assembly if you face problems with several components.

Why is a Frigidaire refrigerator flashing four on the side and beeping five times repeatedly?

This is an error 4 which signifies an issue with the air damper assembly. The air damper is the component of your refrigerator which blocks and contains the airflow from the freezer to the refrigerator. This error indicates that the air damper assembly is malfunctioning and may need to be replaced. Replacement of this part is relatively easy; there are many screws to be removed since the left side shroud is fixed in place. To disassemble, the entire left side, front control panel and right filter needs to be removed since they are clipped together. After this you can reach the damper assembly which can be removed.

How can an air damper be removed that is installed to a blow from the freezer to the fridge?

These dampers usually have a cover which can be popped off. After removing this, you may find another cover attached with two screws. You will need to remove these screws. The damper can be checked by running the unit through the certain diagnostics on the tech sheet. You will need to run service test mode and proceed to run test 121 damper test.

If an air damper between the freezer and a fridge on a Kenmore refrigerator is not opening and the air damper has been replaced, but no change what could be the problem?

The air damper control lies with the main board. However, the problem could lie with the temperature sensor or the main control board. However, in most cases, it does not make much of a difference whether the damper closes or not. You can opt for a temporary solution such as using an object to wedge in to the damper leaving it half open. Check the functioning of the fridge after this. If it has not helped, you should probably replace the sensor and board.

What is a damper assembly?

The damper assembly is basically a motor controlled flap or door (damper) which operates to allow the cool air from the freezer to circulate into the fresh food section of the refrigerator. The damper which is controlled by the main board operates based on a signal from the fresh food thermostat and the temperature it is set at. It opens or closes accordingly. If this damper malfunctions and remains open continuously, this will cause the contents at the fresh food section to freeze.

Though dampers are components of a larger system, they do have an important role and function to play. When you face issues with them, it could be a simple fix, a replacement or a more complicated issue which could be related to the motor or other components of the appliance. These problems can be addressed by you with the help and guidance from Experts in an efficient and cost effective manner. Major problems may need professional intervention and Experts can help by providing a second opinion on the matter.
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