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Questions about Air Cleaners

An air cleaner as the name suggests is used to purify the air of contaminants such as dust, pollen, pet dander, mold spores and so on. They also act to reduce the concentration of airborne contaminants. Some air cleaners have chemical filters. Air cleaners are commonly used where the quality of air is important. This is usually in building ventilation systems and for people suffering from allergies and asthma. These units can be combined with the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC). Listed below are some common questions answered by Experts on air cleaners.

How does a Kenmore air filtering/ cleaning system work?

Generally there are four stages to ensuring there is clean, fresh air circulated with the help of an air cleaner. The air cleaner fan essentially circulates the air in the room through the unit’s various filtering or processing stages to eliminate pollutants and household odors. Large particles such as hair or lint get trapped in the pre-filter which is washable. Smaller particles such as dust, smoke, pollen and so on pass through the washable pre-filter and enter the electronic filter where an electrical charge makes these charged particles cling on to alternately or oppositely charged aluminum plates. These impurities remain on the plate until the filter is removed and cleaned. In the final stage the air passes through a charcoal filter which absorbs household odor.

Why does a 20 year old furnace electronic air cleaner snap continuously?

Electrostatic filters have charged plates do have a tendency to make snapping noises. If you hear this snapping continuously, it could indicate the air cleaner is starting to fail or there could be hair, thread or another foreign object causing the plates to short circuit. If you have cleaned it recently and it is snapping continuously the insulation is probably breaking down. These units function by placing a high voltage (5000+V) potential across a series of plates. After a period of time, the insulation breaks down which may be the case with your unit since it is quite old. If there is nothing causing the plates to short circuit, it is probably time for new ones.

Where can I find the in-line fuse on my Ecoquest air cleaner?

The fuse for this unit can be accessed by unplugging the cord; right beside the plug you will be able to see the fuse holder. Hence if you are looking directly at the plug, the fuse will be in the same hole to the left. Pull it out a little and this should expose the fuse.

How can an individual get their air cleaner to come on automatically after the air cleaner has turned off because of a power outage?

Generally the parts inside the air cleaner are meant to go off in the event of a power cut or failure. This is a normal feature in most electrical appliances as a safety feature in case the power is restored when home owner is not at home. This avoids a potentially dangerous hazard/situation. The default setting for the electronic board is off too. Hence this option cannot be changed.

What can an individual do if their Kenmore HEPA Nano air cleaner has stopped working even though the air cleaner filters have been changed?

If this is a case where the fan is not working, it could be either a faulty fan motor or switch module. Repairing this could cost approximately $100 at an appliance repair center. If your purifier is over three years old, it is probably better to replace it because eventually another component can fail within the next two to five years or probably sooner. These units have a lifespan of a maximum of five to ten years. This is not an easy repair to attempt on your own unless you have experienced repair skills and knowledge.

What is the method to turn off the “change filter” light on a Kenmore Plasmawave air cleaner?

First ensure the sensor is clean and follow the below instructions:
1. Plug the air cleaner and press the power button until you hear a short “beep” noise. Only after you hear this noise you can proceed to the next step.
2. Press the reset filter button by gently inserting a paperclip into the reset filter hole at the control panel.
3. The light should flash five times before you hear a beep to signify the filter has been reset.

Air cleaners perform an important function of eliminating contaminants in the air. They provide a relatively cleaner environment. When you encounter problems with them, you can arrive at the problem area and work upon resolving it with specific instructions. Therefore to understand better, insights and information from Experts will be helpful and useful to tackle the problem immediately and effectively.
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