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What is aggravated assault?

Aggravated assault is when a person tries to intentionally injure someone seriously with a deadly weapon or otherwise. It is important to have accurate information so one will know the appropriate action to take against the perpetrator. Given below are common questions Experts have answered.

Can an individual sue the employer of a person who was an accomplice in an aggravated assault case?

An employer may be help responsible only for a person’s actions if they are within the scope of employment. However, if the accused individual has had a history of aggravated assault and it can be proven that the employer was negligent in hiring him/her the individual may be able to sue the employer.

What is the process to file a civil suit for aggravated assault in Arizona?

An individual may need to file a petition in the court of law. He/she will need to state the cause of action, or as torts, which would be aggravated assault. Besides claiming the tort of aggravated assault, the individual may also request the court to order an injunction against the accused and claim for punitive damages.

What is the statute of limitations to file a lawsuit for aggravated assault in Florida?

In Florida, the statute of limitations is four years to file a suit against an individual.

Can an individual get an attorney to fight a case for aggravated assault and wrongful death pro bono?

It may be difficult to find an attorney to fight a case for aggravated assault and wrongful death pro bono. However, if there is some merit to the case, they may find one to fight the case on a contingency basis. This means that the individual may pay the attorney only if he/she wins the case. In such a situation, a percentage of the money that the individual may win in the case will be used as the attorney fee.

Can an individual sue a pedophile who abused him/her as a child for aggravated sexual assault?

There may be a 30-year delayed statute of limitations for people who were under the age of 18 when they were a victim of aggravated sexual assault. Therefore, the individual may file the lawsuit as soon as possible if this statute of limitations applies to them to avoid running out of time.

Can a recovering alcoholic sue someone who forced him/her to consume alcohol resulting in the person getting injured?

One could file both civil and criminal action against the individual. He/she may sue the individual for aggravated assault there are serious physical injuries. He/she may also file a cause of action suit against the individual in court.

There are a lot of provisions made by law for victims of aggravated assault. It may not always be easy for one to find accurate information and to know the various steps to take action against the perpetrator. If you are unaware of your rights, you can always ask an Expert on JustAnswer for more information.

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