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The age of majority, in legal terms, means a person is an adult and is responsible for his or her actions. It is when parents (or guardians) cease to be legally responsible for children. 

Will parents be responsible if an adult child commits a crime?

The parents would not be held responsible if a child commits a crime after reaching the age of majority. The child will be considered an adult and responsible for his/her own actions in any criminal matters.

Can child support be terminated when child attains age of majority?

The parents will need to petition the court for termination of child support when the child attains age of majority. This is called an Order to Show Cause (OSC). Each county has a family facilitator's office which can assist you with paperwork.

How is child support recalculated for other children?

If the oldest child has reached the age of majority, the amount of child support for the other children would have to be recalculated using the current salaries of the parties (parents or guardians) and depending on the state they reside in.

Here is the link to the calculator for your reference:

What is the age of majority in Tennessee?

The age of majority in Tennessee is 18, after which parents have no legal obligation to their child or responsibility for any of their actions. Likewise, the parents are no longer legally able to access medical information or school information unless the child provides written permission. This is true even if the child is still in high school.

How to modify child support payments in Alabama when a child reaches age of majority?

If one is paying child support to their spouse directly, one can stop payments when the child graduates. If one is paying directly to the Court, they can file a petition to modify the child support.

How does age of majority affect child support in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, under Mass code section 208 section 28, the court may allow child support to continue if the child, who 21 years of age, is living with the parent and is still dependent on the parent on account of admission to an educational program. This should not extend beyond an undergraduate degree. If the child is still living at home and depends on the parent’s support for college, then the father may continue to pay child support.

The legal age of majority can have many implications for custody and child support, as well as other legal issues. Whether you are a parent or a minor, you may be confused as to how the age of majority will impact the support you give or receive, or your own responsibilities in the eyes of the law. Legal experts can help clarify these concerns.

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