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What is a Business Affiliate?

business affiliate is someone who promotes another business through their own. This can be done in a number of ways but the most popular is to endorse a product and provide the affiliate link to direct traffic to the product site. Another is to give testimonials about a service or product. The benefits of having a business affiliate are great and can boost a product's sale and encourage potential customers to visit your website. Read below where Experts have answered questions about business affiliates.

When linking to an affiliate product through a blog, will “affiliate link” be sufficient?

FTC rules state that when endorsing a product or giving a testimonial, you have to let the readers know what your connection is with the product and if you receive money for your endorsement. The rules do not state exactly how you explain the connection, only that it needs to be added. Here is a link that explains endorsements: 

What can a person do if eBay has ended their affiliate service but still receives revenue from the person’s links?

Case Details: eBay claims the Terms of Service were violated.

You can sue the company for "breach of the implied covenant of good faith" because they are denying you the commission from the links when they had agreed to pay you. You can sue in "quasi-contract". This means even without a contract, the company is still earning money from your work and you should be entitled to some form of compensation for the work that you have done and the money that you are making for the company. If the damages you wish to gain from the company are less than $7,500, you could sue them in small claims court.

Does the word "Affiliate" bind a business in any way to another organization that signs a contract to become an "Affiliate Center" if they have bad business practices?

When you call an organization an affiliate, you leave the impression that the organization is connected to your company. This would potentially make you liable for the organization's actions. Assuming that you want the centers to be independently owned like a franchise, you would want a franchise agreement. You need to state clearly in the agreement, that you are not responsible for the center's actions or omissions and that you are free from any lawsuits that may affect that center.

How to turn an internet affiliate marketing hobby into a business?

If you want to turn your affiliate marketing hobby into a business, you may want to go with a Limited Liability Company. An LLC is the easiest type of business to manage and any taxes from income will be claimed through your personal income taxes. To begin this process, just get online and go to your Secretary of State's website to form the LLC. After you have done this, you need to contact the IRS and request an EIN under the LLC name. You need to be sure to use your EIN when you report income made from the LLC but claim the income on your personal taxes.

Should one be concerned about trademark infringement if someone is promoting a seminar and cannot get confirmation from the manager regarding the trademark?

You probably have nothing to worry about. You are in charge of promoting their seminar, so they have extended some rights to you as far as using their trademark. You are not breaking any laws when you use the trademark to promote the seminar. However, if you were using the trademark in a way that was not representing the seminar or that was taking business from the company, you may have issues.

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