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Adjournment Questions

Adjournment is the act of postponing or delaying proceedings; the end or the dismissal of business by a court. When the court adjournment is final, it is called "sine die" which means there isn't a date set to resume.

Adjournments are used in legislatures as a way of marking the end of a session. The adjournment is determined by a vote and is used by both state and federal lawmakers. There are many reasons for adjournments. To learn more about this topic, take a look at the questions below that have been answered by Experts.

In New York, how would one ask the court for an adjournment/continuance for a trial, if the person has no attorney and will be representing them self

In most situations, in order to get an adjournment or a continuance for trial, a person will need to file a Motion for Continuance with the court. In most opinions, New York is known for being accommodating to people who wish to represent themselves. Usually, the best option would be to go to the court clerk and ask for assistance. A person could ask for a copy of a Motion for Continuance that has already been filed and use the copy as a guide. You can also go online to sites like to find the forms.

How can I postpone a court date?

You will have to contact the attorney who is representing the opposing party and ask them to agree to an adjournment. If the attorney is willing to agree to the adjournment, they will send a letter to the court stating they agree to the postponement. If you can't get the attorney to agree to an adjournment, you will need to contact the judge by certified mail and request the adjournment. You will need to include the reason for the adjournment. Generally, the judge will allow the adjournment as long as the case hasn't already received previous adjournments.

Can an adjournment be requested during arbitration? Does it matter where the parties are in the proceedings?

You can request an adjournment while in arbitration. Many times people will ask for a continuance which is the same as asking for an adjournment. Both terms mean the same thing; you wish to put the arbitration on hold and reset it for a later time. It doesn't matter what stage the proceedings are in. You will need to contact the other party and tell them you wish to adjourn the arbitration and you will also need to contact the arbitrator and request the adjournment.

Generally, adjournments are requested due to scheduling issues or unexpected emergencies. These adjournments are usually allowed as long as the parties don't abuse the process. You might be charged a fee for an adjournment, so you may want to check with the arbitrator so you won't be hit with an unexpected charge.

What procedure do you need to take to push a preliminary hearing back a couple of weeks?

To request an adjournment of a preliminary hearing, you will need to contact the District Attorney's office. If you can come to an agreement, you will need to notify the court by written letter. However, if the District Attorney's office doesn't agree to the adjournment, you will have to send a letter to the judge and request the adjournment and include the reason for the request.

Is it ok to ask for an adjournment in Family Court until you can speak with and/or obtain legal counsel?

If you want to delay your court date until you can find legal counsel, you wouldn't ask for an adjournment. You would need to ask the court to reschedule your court date. You may have trouble getting the court date rescheduled, because once they are set, it is hard to have them changed. It doesn't hurt to ask the court to reset your court date; however, it is unlikely that it will happen because at this point.Due to the limited amount of time, you should contact your State Bar Association and ask them for information on free or pro-bono legal representation.

An adjournment is requested when a party needs to delay a court date due to extenuating circumstances. The reasons can be scheduling issues or unexpected emergencies. If you are in a situation that requires an adjournment, you should always ask an Expert for legal insight. An Expert can assist you in making the correct decisions when dealing with legal situations.
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