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Diagnosis of ADHD

How does ADHD get diagnosed?

When a child or adult believes that they may have ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), then in some cases, there may not be a single test for ADHD. When a person has demonstrated or shown several signs of ADHD, then there may need to be a diagnosis. When a child is showing signs of being in constant motion, squirming and fidgeting, careless mistakes, and loss of things easily, not listening, can become easily distracted, or does not finish tasks, then there may be a chance that the child has ADHD. When an adult is showing signs of being late or being forgetful on a regular basis, anxiety, not being very organized, low self-esteem, not being able to hold a job, short tempers, not being able to finish certain tasks, hard time controlling certain behaviors, or restlessness, then the adult may have ADHD. Both adults and children may need to exhibit several of these behaviors as well as have other tests ran in order to rule out other forms of diseases or issues that may mimic ADHD symptoms.

There may be some difficulties in diagnosing ADHD in both children and adults, but the child or adult may need to work closely with their doctor in order to make sure that the ADHD is treated. When a person thinks that they may have ADHD, and then they may have questions regarding how ADHD works, how ADHD is treated, or even how ADHD may affect the person’s life. Read below to find some commonly complex questions about ADHD diagnosis that has been answered by Experts.

How would a child be diagnosed with ADHD, what could a parent look for to make sure ADHD is not a learning disability?

When there is question about a child having ADHD, there may be a need for the child to be seen by a regular health care provider in order to make sure that the symptoms are happening in two different places like home and school. If the child is just showing signs of ADHD at school, there may be a chance that the child may not actually have ADHD, but instead a learning disability of some sort. If the child is in fact showing signs of ADHD at home and at school, the child may very well have ADHD, but an examination by the child’s doctor may be what is needed in order to regularly diagnose ADHD.

Can spinal meningitis cause a child to have ADHD and what should the parent do if they think the child may have ADHD?

When a child has had spinal meningitis, there may not be a chance that the meningitis has caused the ADHD. If a parent believes that a child may have ADHD, then the parent may want to take the child in to be tested or even evaluated by the child’s doctor in order to make sure. The ADHD may develop and have no link to the meningitis.

What should be done if a person’s ADHD medication is not working?

If a person is on medication for ADHD and the medication does not seem to be working, there may be a need for the individual to be revaluated for ADHD. A new diagnosis of ADHD may be in order to make sure that the medication the individual is taking is the proper medication or even if the diagnosis of ADHD is actually the proper diagnosis.

How can an adult be diagnosed with ADHD?

When an adult shows signs of ADHD, the individual may have a form of adult ADHD. Diagnosis of the ADHD may help with controlling the symptoms through medication, cognitive therapy, and some forms of skills training. When an adult gets a diagnosis of ADHD, then this may be done mostly through showing signs of ADHD as well as possible signs of ADHD in the person’s childhood.

ADHD may cause concerns to people who have ADHD. When a person receives the diagnosis of ADHD or the individual believes that they may have ADHD, then the individual may have many questions regarding how the diagnosis of ADHD is made, how to treat ADHD, or even if ADHD can be caused from other medical issues. When an individual have these types of questions and needs answers to these types of questions, then individual may turn to Experts.
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