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Adenosine Medication and Treatment

What is Adenosine?

Adenosine is a drug that is used during a stress test. It is often used when an individual is unable to perform a treadmill stress test. Adenosine allows the heart’s blood vessels to dilate and helps in the evaluation of blood circulation to the heart.

When adenosine is used, many questions can arise about its side effects, therapy, symptoms, complications and more. Below are answers from Experts to some of the commonly asked questions about adenosine.

Is there a more accurate and faster stress test other than Adenosine Cardiolite Isotope test?

The Persantine Cardiolite Isotope test can be just as fast and affective as the Adenosine stress test.

Could a Lexiscan test that is infused with Adenosine induce a heart attack?

Lexiscan contains a medication called Adenosine and is often used if an individual is unable to exercise. Adenosine helps to dilate the heart’s blood vessels and facilitates the evaluation of the ischemia or poor blood circulation to the heart.

This test can cause problems in some individuals who have severe coronary artery disease and can cause a heart attack known as coronary steal phenomenon.

If a person has a high case of heart disease, these tests should be avoided. Instead other tests such as; CT (computed tomography) heart angiogram or coronary angiogram can be beneficial. Also, a Thallium based test could be possible substitutes that are unlikely to cause any problems to individuals with heart disease.

Are there other stress test options instead of the treadmill stress test?

One of the alternatives to a treadmill stress test is the use of Adenosine. An Adenosine test is also known as a pharmacological stress test. In this type of test an assortment of drugs may be injected resulting in increased cardiac activity. However, this test may be not be useful for everyone, and individual should consult a cardiologist before determining whether an Adenosine tests should be considered.

Are there any drugs given during a stress test to make a persons’ heart beat faster?

Adenosine, Dipyramidol and Dobutamine are the three drugs that are usually given during a stress test for a short amount of time so that the individual does not experience any long term effects. Each use is situational and these drugs may be used for several of reasons. If a person is suffering from low blood pressure, the individual may not be able to use adenosine.

What are the effects of taking Testosterone Boosters while taking prescribed Warfrin?

Testosterone boosters often contain herbal products with medicinal properties. Herbal products are not FDA (Federal Drug Administration) controlled the way most medications are. One of the primary ingredients often contained in Testosterone Boosters is Cordyceps. This often contains Adenosine and is found in blood thinners. Consuming medications containing Adenosine while on Warfarin can sometimes be fatal.

Though a treadmill stress test may be one of the main tests performed to evaluate the performance of a heart under stress, there are cases where an individual may not be able to utilize this test. Adenosine is a drug that is an alternative to a treadmill test. However, this drug may not be suitable for everyone and questions about its suitability, side effects, etc., are common. If you have questions about the suitability of Adenosine in your case -- whether it is because of your health or other medication -- it's best to ask an Expert to provide medical insights that can help you take an informed decision.
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