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Acute Stress Symptoms & Treatment

Acute stress occurs in response to an immediate physical, emotional or psychological threat. Such a threat may be imaginary or very real in nature. Usually it is the individual's response to the possible threat that may trigger a response. To learn more about acute stress and treatment options, take a look at the questions below that have been answered by Experts.

What are the effects of stress on the social well being?

People with Acute stress often respond to a difficult situation in a quick manner. However if the situation is rather intense the person may become restless or seem out of sorts and in some cases may exhibit a rapid heart rate yet still manages to cope with the problem. In most cases acute stress doesn't last for long intervals and the person generally recovers soon after the issue is taken care of.

Regardless of the type of stress one may exhibit, stress may affect a person's social and behavioral situations. Stress has a way of affecting one's sense of well being and may in some cases affect a person's appearance.

Signs of stress may include: a nervous appearance and fidgety actions, lack of attention, edginess, depression, excitability, avoiding social obligations, poor job performance, paranoia, over reacting to small issues, and loss of friends.

So basically stress may have a major impact on one's social well being due to behavioral and personality changes.

What causes symptoms of shakiness with vomiting and wobbly legs after a domestic dispute?

The above mentioned symptoms may be a result of acute stress disorder which may include fear, nausea, and anxiety. Depression may also cause such symptoms. Many times a visit to one's doctor for a physical check up may be required. There are times when a doctor may encourage psychotherapy for a few weeks to a few months depending upon the severity of the individual's symptoms.

Usual treatment for acute stress may include cognitive behavioral therapy, medication, group therapy and psychodynamic therapy. A licensed psychotherapist is generally best suited to treat acute stress disorders. Many psychotherapists use a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy and medication.

There are a few things one may consider for additional treatments such as yoga, swimming, aerobics, biofeedback therapy, acupuncture, and massage.

What causes a person to have shakes, heart palpitations and motion sickness after a nervous breakdown?

The above mentioned symptoms are generally associated with acute stress disorder. Anxiety may be another possible cause for such symptoms. Panic attacks and heart palpations are usually associated with anxiety disorders.

Of course the above mentioned symptoms may be the result of a physical and emotional stress. A person may have more than one diagnosis especially if there are several symptoms that qualify for additional disorders. Many times anti anxiety medication and therapy may benefit a person who exhibits emotional symptoms. The physical symptoms may be treated by the person's doctor.

What can be done for acute stress after a person receives a death threat?

Generally one may consider involving the authorities if a death threat has been made. Once the police have been notified, many people may benefit from a few therapy sessions to ease the acute stress often associated with such traumatic issues. In some cases if a person fails to face the traumatic issue at hand, the person may suffer from post traumatic stress disorder.

Often a combination of anti anxiety medication and cognitive behavioral therapy may benefit a person suffering from acute stress. Another option may involve a support group. Local churches often have a list of support groups and activities. This may be an option if one is searching for a specific group.

Acute stress may cause many emotional and physical issues. Many personal and medical questions may arise when dealing with acute stress treatment options. If a person has questions regarding acute stress, the person should ask an expert for mental health information and insight.
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