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Questions about Mercedes-Benz Actros

The Mercedes Actros is a heavy duty truck which is normally used in long distance hauling, and for construction purposes.. This truck boasts of elegant features, suspension and storage in par with the quality standards of Mercedes Benz. Often owners and mechanics alike run into mechanical issues that may cause questions and need answers.

To know more about Mercedes Actros, listed below are a few common questions answered by Experts.

What could cause an Mercedes Actros not to shift in gear?

This being an automatic gear system, the first thing to do is check the color of the transmission oil. It should be dark red in color. In case it is black, it needs to be changed along with the oil filter. The next thing to check would be the level while the gearbox is warm. Also after the selector is moved through all the gear positions, ensuring it is maintained at each gear for at least few seconds before returning to “Park”. The box can be filled through the dipstick tube if need be. It should also be ensured that the correct oil is being used. This is important on the Mercedes Actros since fluids for cars are not always the same. Some manufacturers may recommend a change in the type of fluid. Checking with the local dealer or parts department will provide the information on the updated fluid to be used.

If this aspect is fine, the electrical connections of the gearbox should be checked. Each connector should be removed and sprayed with contact cleaner. The wiring to the gearbox should be in good condition with no chafing or frayed wires. If this is fine, the linkage/cable under the truck should be checked for any broken parts or missing bolts. In case this is coming loose it can rub on the truck body or bind up. It should be topped up if low and re-tried. If the level and condition is fine, the next step would be to drain it, open it out and clean the filters inside. After doing so, it can be refilled and retried.

Why would a Mercedes Actros with 20 inch tires develop a shutter at the front tires before stopping completely?

In this case, there is a high possibility that the front axle’s brake is being overexerted due to the weight distribution. This can in turn result or resemble a shudder or vibration on the vehicle However it is possible to change the braking characteristics by re-programming it using the Star Diagnosis computer. Another reason for this fault could be a damaged wheel speed sensor plate. It could be providing an incorrect signal consequently causing incorrect braking of the wheels. If the wheel speed sensor is disconnected, a fault gets registered on the ABS. It will not be operational until the sensor is reconnected and the truck is restarted.

Which brand of oil will provide longer oil change intervals on the new Mercedes Benz Actros being purchased?

Generally Mercedes extends service intervals. These are based on the quality sheet belonging to the oil and the sulfur content of the fuel. In order for a particular brand of oil to be a part of this quality sheet, they need to pass through special tests carried out by Daimler. The current best oil quality sheet for Mercedes is 228.51. This is intended for the Mercedes Actros MP4 with DPF filters. An MP3 Mercedes Benz Actros, requires a maximum of 228.5 quality sheet oil because the DPF is not installed on it.

How can the air conditioning/ heater fan’s speed be set higher on a Mercedes Benz Actros 3340?

The electronic blower regulator could have failed and may need replacing. Usually this component is located next to the blower motor.

What does the fault code “WS F01 0 0155” signify on the Mercedes Benz Actros truck?

The “WS” bit stands for “Wartungs System” (maintenance need analysis). Code 0155 is the CAN communication timeout with FR control unit. FR is the drive control which is mainly responsible to communicate accelerator position to the ECU and sending the gearshift request to transmission. What needs to be done in this situation currently is to erase the fault codes, Using the Star Diagnosis computer or resetting the system by disconnecting the battery for 30 minutes can help. If this does not help, it can be a case of FR unit failure.

The Mercedes-Benz Actros is a functional and dependable truck. However they need proper care and maintenance. This is when Mercedes-Benz Actros troubleshooting can be addressed by you with the assistance and guidance of Experts.

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