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Tooth Ache Treatment

What is a toothache?

When a person has pain round their teeth or jaw this is called a toothache. A tooth ache can result in a mild or serious dental issue. A cavity, exposed root of a tooth or even a cracked tooth can cause one to have what is known as a toothache. Even the condition in a person’s jaw joint temporo-mandiblur joint (TMJ) can cause someone’s pain that is also known as a toothache. There are different levels of pain that is caused from a toothache from just a mild pain to excruciating pain. The pain from a toothache can be provoked by many things such as chewing food or dinking a hot or cold beverage. A great way to find out what is causing the toothache would be to see a dentist and have X-rays taken. Read below to find Expert answers when dealing with tooth aches.

Why would an individual’s teeth ache from eating sweets if they don’t have any cavities?

The first stage of inflammation to the nerve of a tooth is sensitivity to most sweet foods or candy. When someone experiences the sensitivity they usually assume that the pain is caused from a cavity. This can also be caused from a cavity or filling that is cracked or broken off leaving a sharp edge. When the tooth is broken it is most commonly known as a fractured tooth, this can cause serious pain. The individual may need to go see a dentist to find out what the actual problem is, or if they have already done so maybe a second opinion may help.

What causes a toothache after having a deep scale done?

Post scaling hypersensitivity is most likely what is causing the toothache. There is a coating of enamel that guards the crown of healthy teeth; there is also a coating called cementum that guards that roots that are beneath the gum line. There is dentin that is found underneath the enamel and cementum, when that is gone due to the aggressive scaling any cold and hot or food will hit the nerves causing one to have pain. That is what causes the hypersensitivity that the individual is experiencing.

What would cause someone to mainly have a toothache when lying down?

There can be many different things that could cause an abnormal pain. This pain can be caused by the nerve being squeezed or compressed. The pain may be caused Trigeminal Nerve Neuralgia this is a rare condition. Trigeminal Nerve Neuralgia is an incredibly specific type of facial pain. In cases where the blood vessels push on the trigeminal nerve so much to the point where the nerve will leave the brainstem. In this cases the pain becomes extreme at night when the individual is laying down, the reason for that is because the blood vessels have shifted where they are touching the trigeminal nerve, in such a different way that when they are standing. You may want to visit a dentist and a neurologist.

What can cause a tooth ache that comes and goes when an individual is eating?

In many cases, the individual can be experiencing pain from an abscess or even an infection. When an individual has an abscess or infection, the bacteria is overwhelms the nerve of the hurting tooth. The individual does have treatments that can be available in order for this pain to subside. The individual can contact their dentist and schedule a root canal, or even a tooth extraction. If the individual does not want to experience anymore pain, the individual should contact their dentist as soon as possible, and to avoid the infection to spread to other parts of the mouth. Also, the individual may need to be prescribed some antibiotics, in order to fight the infection off.

Many individuals experienced tooth aches every day. I tooth ache can cause severe pain, sickness, and make it to where it is hard for the individual to drink or eat anything. When an individual has received their first tooth ache, many questions seem to arise. What is the cause of my toothache? What is a tooth ache treatment? Are there any tooth ache remedies for home? These questions are just a few that may arise when dealing with a tooth ache. Individuals can turn to the thousands of Experts for these questions to be answered in a fast and affordable manner.
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