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Accident Law Questions

Accident laws have been set up by the law enforcement authorities in order to help individuals take appropriate actions in the case of an accident. These laws vary in different parts of the United States. It is important for individuals to know what his/her state requires if an accident occurs. Given below are questions answered by the Experts.

How to claim damages in an accident if the at-fault driver is a 14-year-old child?

According to the law, this individual has the right to claim damages from the child’s parents. If the parents do not have insurance, he/she may sue them in a small claims court. If the individual has uninsured motorist coverage, then he/she may also use that money for his/her vehicle repairs.

Would an adult’s parents be liable for damages caused in an auto accident?

According to accident laws, if the accident was caused by an adult, then the parents of the individual will not be liable for the damages caused in the accident. Since the at-fault driver is considered to be of legal age, this individual is responsible for all actions this individual takes.

What would be considered a fair cash settlement in a rear-end accident?

In some situations, a settlement for a rear-end car accident can include damages caused to the car and any personal injury claim that the victim makes. The Personal Injury Claim will include medical expenses and any lost wages, if any. Generally, this amount can be up to ½ to 2 times the total amount of the individual’s medical expenses.

Would Social Security Income and Retirement Benefits be affected if a person is unable to pay for the damages caused in an accident?

An individual’s Social Security Income and Retirement Benefits will not be used to settle an accident case. Hence, these incomes may not be affected if an individual is unable to pay for the damages that are caused in this type of car accident.

Should a traffic police witness a traffic violation before giving a citation to the individual?

In many situations, it may not be important for a traffic police to witness a traffic violation before giving a citation to the individual. However, if another person complains to the police about a violation, it may be difficult for the officers to identify the individual who was responsible for the accident. In some cases, the owner of the vehicle may not be driving  and this may cause difficulty in issuing the traffic violation to the driver.

Is it committing an offense if someone tries to stop a towing company from towing their vehicle from the scene of accident?

This can be considered an offense if this individual were to stop or obstructs a towing company from performing their duties.

Can an individual get the statute of limitations waived in an accident case?

This is possible only if they were able to prove in court that this individual was either in a coma or was unable to move at all due to physical injuries and as a result could not file a lawsuit against the at fault driver in the accident.

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