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Accident Claim Questions

An accident claim is processed when one has been injured or their vehicle damaged due to negligence or another driver. It is important for individuals to know how to file a claim and the regulations involved. Given below are common accident claim questions asked by people.

Do accident claims cover intentional acts of road rage?

In most situations, automobile insurance carriers may not cover claims for accidents that are caused due to an intentional act of road rage. They may only cover acts of negligence.

What can be done if the auto insurance company refuses to pay an accident claim due to a pre-existing injury?

Some auto insurance companies may delay approving an individual’s motor accident claim by stating the injury is a result of an already existing condition. The individual may have to prove the injury is as a result of the accident and not related to a pre-existing condition. As long as the individual’s doctor can testify this injury is due to the accident, the auto insurance provider may have to approve the accident claim. If the company further refuses to pay the individual, he/she may take the company to court and hire a medical expert to prove his/her case.

Can an individual change the attorney in an accident claim case?

An individual may be able to change the attorney in an accident claim case. He/she may send his/her attorney a letter explaining the situation and informing him/her about the change. He/she may also ask the attorney for a copy of his/her case file. The individual may not have to pay the attorney any fees if he/she has not filed the accident claim case. He/she may only be paid for any other work that he/she may have done for the individual on an hourly basis.

When does a statute of limitations for an auto accident claim come into effect?

Unlike most personal injury lawsuits, the statute of limitations for an accident claim start from the date of the accident. Hence, it is important to file a claim as soon as possible so they do not run out of time to make a claim with an insurance company.

What amount can an individual expect in an auto accident claim case?

Most times, individuals may receive up to three times the amount of their medical bills and lost wages in an auto accident claim. This amount may include past and future medical bills, past and future lost wages and medical prescriptions as well.

Would an at fault party’s insurance company be responsible only for medical expenses in a motor vehicle accident claim?

They are normally responsible for medical expenses as well as the repair of the other party’s vehicle. The individual may ask the party to pay for the repair of the car and for a rental vehicle till his/her own car is getting repaired.

Being in an accident can be a very stressful situation, especially if you do not know the process to file for an auto accident claim. Not knowing how to go about filing and how long the process may take can add to your frustration. You can ask an Expert to ease the process and your worries.

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