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GMC Acadia SLT Questions

The GMC Acadia SLT is a reliable and popular vehicle and owners are pleased with its performance. However, like most vehicles problems tend to arise that owners will have questions about. Finding reliable answers to these questions can be difficult and time consuming. The answers and opinions of Experts is the best way to get the required information.

Read below where Experts have answered GMC Acadia SLT repair questions.

What could be preventing the sound on a factory fitted radio on a GMC Acadia from working?

First, try to reset the amplifier by turning off the ignition and removing the 30 Amp fuse in the interior fuse block and leaving it off for 5 minutes. Reinstall the fuse and check the amplifier to see if it is working. If not, the amplifier, which is located under the dash on the driver’s side next to the brake pedal assembly, will need to be checked and possibly replaced.

What is the reason for the Service Airbag message to appear on a 2011 GMC Acadia SLT?

It is common for the airbag module to become defective and cause this message. However, it could also be caused by problems with the wiring, crash sensors, airbags etc. The only way to be sure is to use a scan tool to identify the fault. This type of defect is generally covered by the warranty.

What do these codes P0087, P0186, P069E, P2635 mean after a GMC Acadia suddenly died on the road and the display shows Engine Power Low?

These codes are consistent with a fuel pump pressure issue. This can be caused by the vehicle running out of gas or a failing fuel pump. If there is fuel in the tank, then have the fuel pressure in the pump checked and the pump, located in the fuel tank, may need replaced. This job usually takes around two to three hours.

How to program the sensors after a winter set of tires, rims and sensors has been installed on a 2007 GMC Acadia SLT?

Before beginning the programming, it is important to ensure that no other vehicle fitted with TPM is having tire pressure adjusted within close proximity. The procedure is as follows:

• Turn the ignition to ACC position.

• Press the Lock and Unlock button on the remote at the same time. The horn will chirp to indicate that the programming mode is enabled.

• Starting with the left front tire, hold the antenna of the J-46079 unit close to the sidewall of the tire and press and release the Activate button and wait for the horn to chirp again. Alternately increase or decrease the tire pressure for about 8 seconds and wait for the horn chirp. In some cases, the chirp may sound before the 8 seconds are over or even up to 30 seconds after the 8 second period is over.

• Once the horn chirps, repeat the same procedure for the other 3 tires in the following sequence – right front, right rear and finally left rear. After the 4 tires have been programmed, there will be a double horn chirp to confirm that the programming has been completed.

• Turn the ignition Off to exit the programming mode.

• With the ignition off, adjust the tire pressure to the recommended settings.

What is causing a GMC Acadia SLT to stay in reduced power mode after hitting a small snowbank and all electrical power was lost, the system has been rebooted?

If the wiring harness got wet, a fault code will be set due to the damp connections causing the vehicle to think there is a malfunction. Park the GMC Acadia in a dry place to allow the harness to dry completely. Both the positive and negative battery cables should be disconnected for at least one hour but preferably overnight. If this does not fix the problem, use a diagnostic scan tool to find the fault and reset the system.

A crossover SUV like the GMC Acadia SLT plays many roles and is often subject to heavy use. Maintaining the vehicle becomes easier if the owners are aware of the nature to the problems they face and the repair resources available to them. The answers and guidance of GMC Acadia Experts can be invaluable in helping owners ensure that their vehicles get the right repairs and maintenance.
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