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Chrysler AC Compressor Problems

Chrysler AC compressors form an integral part of the car’s air conditioning system. Their exact function is to pump vaporized refrigerant from the evaporator, compress it under high pressure and transfer it to the condenser. The condenser subsequently removes heat from the vehicular cabin. Issues with Chrysler AC compressor can lead to lack of air conditioning or problems with it can making driving uncomfortable. Moreover since blower motors are part of this system, problems with the Chrysler AC compressor and blower motors can be interlinked.

To know more about the Chrysler AC compressor, below are a few questions answered by Experts.

What is the internal “rattle” and “hissing” sound heard when the Chrysler AC compressor cycles?

Unusual noises such as the rattling and hissing sounds are most likely due to a defective clutch on the Chrysler AC compressor. The hissing noise is usually produced when Freon levels are low. The front of the AC compressor can be inspected to find the clutch and observe it. If discoloration is noticed, it may need to be replaced.

In case the clutch has failed on a Sebring 2008 model (2.5liter, V6 engine), it is possible to be replaced without having to remove the Chrysler AC compressor?

The procedure to replace the clutch/coil assembly may involve the removal of the Chrysler AC compressor. Though it may be possible to go ahead and remove the AC compressor and replace the clutch, there may be a need to Chrysler AC compressor replacement as well. This is because both components are interrelated and eventually the problem with the other will come to the forefront. Hence it would be wise to replace the Chrysler AC compressor along with the clutch. This can save time, effort and avoid duplication. If this is being attempted by the user, the equipment to discharge refrigerant, evacuate and recharge the system with proper amount of refrigerant will be necessary.

The 1999 Chrysler LHS computer is not sending a signal to the AC compressor to turn on, does it need replaced or reprogrammed?

Generally the system uses several different switches to activate the Chrysler AC compressor. Based on the AC system of this car, first a 10 amp fuse #21 in the fuse block and a 30 amp fuse #8 in the fuse box under the hood should be checked, since both have inputs to the Chrysler AC compressor. Additionally with the use of a scan tool, the engine computer and the Chrysler AC compressor can tried to be actuated. The AC pressure switch which has three wires, can get damaged or cut. This switch can be found at the AC line, low, near the radiator and condenser assembly of the passenger side. It also may be possible to bypass the relay which can facilitate the operation of the Chrysler AC compressor.

If the Chrysler AC compressor is faulty, does it require the replacement of the accumulator, expansion valve or other parts which may contain contaminated substances?

If the problem is related to an internal failure of the Chrysler AC compressor where it has pumped some of its contents into the system, there may be a need to flush the lines and condenser. It would be a good idea to replace the accumulator and the expansion valve. The cost of labor for this can be $400. The total overall cost can range from $700 to $800. It would be wise to check the cost of these parts online in order to compare the estimate from the shop/dealer. This is because they may mark up the component costs higher than normal.

Why doesn’t the Chrysler AC compressor come on when the button is depressed? It engages when the relay is bypassed.

Normally if the Chrysler AC compressor or air conditioning does not work completely or to its full potential, there are a couple of reasons for this ranging from a simple restriction to improper functioning of the blend air door vents. Hence the first thing to check would be whether the Chrysler AC compressor is turning on. If it is not, it could be low on Freon. In case Freon has leaked, the computer is unable to turn on the Chrysler AC compressor. This is a precautionary measure to avoid damage to the compressor and its components. In case the Chrysler AC compressor operates intermittently, the system is low on Freon and can result in feeble working of the air conditioner. Leaks can be found by checking for moisture presence outside the AC fittings. If moisture is absent, recharging the Chrysler AC compressor should be sufficient.

Simple problems related to Chrysler AC compressors can be small repair jobs you can take up as a car owner. Even with these jobs, there can be times when you may need to assistance and information which an Expert can provide. For bigger jobs which involve more complicated replacement and troubleshooting of Chrysler AC compressors, you may need to visit the dealer or take a professional advice but Experts can still provide their inputs and opinions on the methods and processes to be adopted.
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