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Abusive Relationship Questions

An abusive relationship is often hard to detect. Many times, signs of abuse go unnoticed until it is too late. Verbal and physical abuse seems to be increasing in nature even though the victims often stay quiet out of insecurity, fear or an ignorance of their legal rights. Family Lawyers on JustAnswer have answered many questions regarding abuse in relationships.

Can an abusive relationship cause physiological problems?

Yes, if they aren't detected early and dealt with in a healthy, healing way. Emotional and verbal abuse is just as bad as physical abuse and many forms of physiological problems can arise. Signs of abusive relationships are often subtle and can go unnoticed. Counseling can sometimes go a long way in helping the abused get through the trauma caused by an abusive relationship.

What can outsiders do to help a victim of mental abuse but will not leave the relationship?

You can contact your local victim services agency and they can help your friend by formulating a plan to get out of the abusive relationship. If you are not sure how to contact the local victim services agency, the local social services agency can usually give you contact numbers. With the right help, victims of relationship abuse often leave the relationship. In this case, however, there is not much you can do except direct them to trained abuse professionals and hope they get the help they need.

Can one spouse freeze marital assets and CDs when leaving an abusive relationship?

In this situation, a person can get a court order to prevent the other spouse from disposing or damaging the CDs and any of the other assets of the marriage until a property settlement has been reached in the divorce. The protective order should be a part of the initial court filing. If the CDs are in both of your names you have as much legal right to them as your spouse. If the safety deposit box is in both of your names, the bank will usually give you an extra key. If it is in just one spouse’s name, then usually only that spouse can access the deposit box. You may also consider getting a protective order if you are in an abusive relationship to safeguard your interest. This will ensure that the abusive spouse is barred from the home or prevented from further contact until the court makes a final decision in the case.

Where can one find a good psychiatrist for a victim of physical and emotional abuse, suffering from Stockholm Syndrome?

First, contact your Local National Alliance for Mental Health or visit their website at They have a multitude of support services listed on their site that includes psychologist referrals as well as ongoing domestic violence support groups. Once you have found your local number, call and explain the situation in full detail. Many times people that have Stockholm Syndrome will not realize that they need help and will remain in the abusive relationship.

If someone is accused of domestic abuse, and has been served with an order of protection or a plenary order, is a court appearance needed?

Orders of protection, including a plenary order of protection, can be given by the judge ex parte, meaning without the respondent being present. At the hearing for an order of protection, the judge will give you the opportunity to tell your side of the story. If you aren't present, you can't do this. The judge would therefore hear only your significant other's version of the facts, which very well may influence the extent and gravity of the order of protection issued. So, you may not gain anything by abstaining.

Being a bystander watching family or friends deal with relationship abuse can be frightening. When abuse in a relationship escalates beyond salvage, the nature and extent of abuse, may lead to legal implications. The best solution is to consult Experts. Family Lawyers on JustAnswer can give you information in dealing with your specific situation.

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