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Peugeot ABS Troubleshooting

Do you need to know how to replace the ABS sensors? Is it recommended to keep driving the Peugeot if the ABS warning light is on? The quickest way to identify the source of an ABS malfunction is through a diagnostic scan. When in doubt about ABS problems always ask an Expert. Read some of the questions they have been asked and the solutions provided.

How to repair a Peugeot 407 odometer which over reads by a factor of 10?

Case Details: The odometer when installed on another 407 read correctly.

There appears to be a problem in the ABS system or the wheel sensors. It might also be a software problem causing the ABS control unit to miscalculate. The best way to find the cause is through a diagnostic scan or a scan tool which reads live data which can be compared with what is being recorded by the odometer.

What is fault code C1301 on a Peugeot 407 where the ABS light comes on at random when braking?

This fault code refers to ‘ABS pump code incoherence.’ It could be set by a fault in the wiring connectors leading to the pump or around the pump. Other than that the pump itself might need to be checked.

How to repair a Peugeot 107 when the ABS light comes on intermittently?

This type of intermittent malfunction problem is generally wheel speed sensor related. It could be with one or more of them. The key to finding the problem is through a diagnostic scan to see what fault codes have been set. Sometimes no code may be stored in which case the scan tool will need to go to live data mode and all four sensors checked on a test drive. If one reads differently from the others that’s the faulty sensor which will have to be replaced.

Where is the speed sensor on a Peugeot 207 which was found faulty after a diagnostic scan after the ABS light came on?

Generally, the vehicle speed sensor and gearbox speed sensor are the same, but in the 207 vehicle speed is based on signals received by the ECU from the wheel speed sensors. A problem on the wheel speed sensor might also turn on the ABS warning light so one sensor is probably faulty and needs to be replaced.

How to repair a Peugeot 307 ABS fault?

If the warning light has come on it means that there is a fault in the Anti-lock Braking System identified when the ignition was turned on or while the vehicle was on the move. Most often it is something simple like the ABS sensor which could have failed, become dirty or is damaged. Which sensor it is can be determined through a diagnostic scan which eliminates much guesswork. Most garages are able to perform a diagnostic scan.

However, to trace it oneself each sensor will have to be disconnected in turn and carefully examined for faulty or corroded connections or dirty terminals. Also, clean off the sensors and look for cracks or missing teeth on the ABS rings. While there, check all brake pads and brake fluid level.

How to disable a Peugeot 307’s ABS warning light?

The warning light indicates that a problem has been detected in the ABS system which generally can easily be resolved. A diagnostic scan will pinpoint the source of the fault which is invariably caused by a defective wheel sensor or bad connection leading to it. The diagnostic process is relatively simple and once the fault is remedied the light will go out, so there really is no need to disable the system.

How to remove the ABS sensor on the rear wheels of a Peugeot 206?

To remove the speed sensors on the rear axle unplug the connectors and undo one bolt. Here is a link to an illustration of the assembly:

What does the battery light, ABS light and Airbag light coming on simultaneously mean?

It indicates that the battery is not charging. This could be because of a defective alternator, or broken battery to gearbox earth strap, or some other charging system problem. It does not, however, highlight a problem with the ABS system.

Peugeot ABS faults are difficult to identify because most often there is nothing visible to look for. Invariably a scan tool/diagnostic scan is the best solution. Alternatively, one can ask an Expert to provide an answer. With a wealth of practical experience Experts have a sixth sense about Peugeot ABS problems and how to identify them.

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