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Mercedes ABS Problems

What is ABS?

Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) is a network of speed sensors which are installed on vehicle wheels. If the sensor detects that the wheel is de-accelerating rapidly that may influence the wheels to lockup. To prevent this, it triggers the activation of the Electro Hydro Control Unit (EHCU). The EHCU system modulates the brake pressure in the appropriate brake lines with the use of solenoid operated valves. This function is designed to prevent wheel lock ups. A It also helps to ensure the vehicle maintains directional stability during potentially dangerous braking situations.

To get more information about Mercedes ABS problems, listed below are common questions answered by Experts.

What are the implications of the Mercedes ABS light turning on?

This is an alert to the driver that there could be different failures. These could rangefrom a faulty brake pedal switch, wheel speed sensors, hydraulic ABS faults to wiring issues. Once the fault codes are read, the exact part can be identified and repaired. The car can be driven as the standard power braking facility will work normally with just the ABS light flashing.

How can the Mercedes ABS light be reset?

There may not be a reset procedure for the Mercedes ABS light. The light being illuminated is an indication of a fault with the system and that it requires Mercedes ABS repair. If the light comes on prior to the car moving, the fault is most likely with one of the relays of the system. If the light turns on once the car starts moving, the fault could be with one of the wheel speed sensors. A fuse present at the top of the overprotection relay can sometimes become faulty and result in this light coming on as well.

What does it signify if the Mercedes ABS light and ESP lights have come on suddenly on the dashboard? It was fine an hour ago.

This could imply that one of the wheel speed sensors (most likely the left front wheel speed sensor) could have failed. The car is safe to drive. That is if the traction control is not excessively used and if the car is not being driven in snow. Since one of the sensors could have failed, the system may not function at 100% efficiency. To confirm this issue however, it is better to have the fault codes scanned.

Since the Mercedes ABS and BAS/ASR light is illuminated on the C230 1999 model, what needs to be checked?

The Mercedes ABS pump can be found towards the left front engine bay area. The codes should be checked since the stop lamp switch becomes faulty triggering the ABS light on the car., The stop lamp can be found directly above the brake pedal. To remove it, the electrical connector can be unplugged. The lock tab should be squeezed on the switch and turned counter clockwise to remove. Installation is the reverse order of removal. The only thing to ensure is that the switch is extended completely prior to installing it. All the other lights are also on is indicative of a definite electrical problem. ABS will not function if this is the case. Visually nothing much can be checked. The electrical plug being in position on the ABS pump and the wires are not physically damaged are both important.

After running over a curb, the Mercedes ABS and BAS/ESP lights have appeared on the dashboard. What can be done about this?

The ABS and Electronic Stability Program (ESP) warning lights turn on when a fault is detected in the traction control system. Since this was triggered after running over a curb, it is quite possible the wheel speed sensor has been damaged. This can be confirmed through a visual inspection as well as a diagnostic scan for fault codes. These will pinpoint the specific problematic component. The steering angle sensor can also tried to be reinitialized to check if this helps. The car should be started and the steering wheel turned completely to the left and then to the right. This action should be repeated a couple of times.

Mercedes ABS repair is necessary if facing problems with the ABS lights turning on or flashing. Visual inspection and checking the sensor connections and wires can be adopted in case of minor ABS problems. To know more about any particular problem, the value of information could be useful. Contact the Experts to troubleshoot and perform Mercedes ABS repair where necessary.
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