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Abortion Law Questions

When was abortion legalized?

In 1973, abortion was finally made legal in all states of USA.

In New York, what is the legal age to get an abortion?

The minimum legal age for abortion is 17 with no parental consent needed.

If a 16-year-old is pregnant and refuses an abortion is the parent responsible for all the medical costs?

Considering the pregnant child is still a minor, the adult parent is usually held responsible for all the medical costs, parental care, delivery and post delivery costs of a pregnant minor.

Can a 16-year-old be forced to have an abortion by their mother?

A parent cannot normally force their minor pregnant child to have an abortion or to give the child up for adoption. The exceptions to this would be if the child is in any danger due to the pregnancy, or if the child is deemed incapable of making decisions. In many states, when a child is pregnant she is considered an adult and is accorded the right to make decisions.

What are a parent's options if the minor child does not want an abortion?

A parent usually cannot force a minor child into having an abortion. An abortion is an alternative procedure. However, some states require parental notification or consent in a minor's abortion.

There are many abortions that occur for different reasons. Some of the causes include incest, medical necessity as well as rape. Depending on the particulars of your situation and the laws in your jurisdiction, the legal recourse available to you might vary. An easy and relatively affordable way to get answers to tough legal questions about abortion is to ask a Family Lawyer  for an Expert assessment of your situation and legal insights.

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