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Abdominal Surgery Procedure

The practice of abdominal surgery is to allow doctors to study and treat organs that are located within the abdomen. There are many types of abdominal surgeries ranging from the most commonly known C-sections to Laparoscopy. At times there can be complications associated with these procedures, such as abdominal surgery infections. Continue reading below where Experts have answered questions about abdominal surgery and its procedures.

Is passing gas vital after abdominal surgery?

After a patient has had abdominal surgery, recovery can take awhile because of many different reasons. This reason could include the time it takes for the anesthesia to wear off. The procedure itself has many aspects that can add to the recovery time. During abdominal surgery it is often necessary the surgeon cut, move and manipulate the intestine and other vital parts of the abdomen. Steps in the procedure with anesthesia can cause the body to have troubles digesting properly and lead to troubles passing gas. Passing gas is one of the first signs the abdomen is healing properly and will soon be able to handle processing normal foods. A doctor will not consider dismissing a patient until after they have proved to pass gas normally.

What complications does anesthesias have?

Anesthesia medications have made many improvements over the years, making either form easily tolerated. There are two types of anesthesia, one being epidural and the other is general anesthesia. Both have reasons to consider when deciding which is best. If there has been a history of spinal issues such as scoliosis, epidural anesthesia may not be the best. Scoliosis can cause difficulties inserting the needle into the proper spot, because it can alter the anatomy of the spine. Epidural may still be well tolerated in patients with less spinal problems. General anesthetic is often well tolerated in people with healthy lung functions. However, smokers or patients with lung diseases such as asthma may need to consider these conditions before settling on this decision.

Can abdominal fluid drain into the leg?

The peritoneal cavity is covered by a thin membrane called the peritoneum, and plays home to many abdominal organs. This membrane has an opening toward the back of the peritoneal cavity that the pancreas, kidney and colon sit next to. A muscle called the iliopsoas carries fluid from the abdomen to the upperparts of the thigh by communication with the colon. This muscle can often be overfilled by leakage caused by colon surgery.

What are the causes and risks of compartmental syndrome?

Abdominal compartment syndrome has many causes and risk factors. How tightly closed the surgical sight is closed can often hinder the abdominal functions, which can cause pressure to build. Liver transplant surgery can also lead to abdominal compartment problems. Other conditions of the abdomen that can cause pressure to build are bowel distention, massive ascites, and bleeding disorders.

What pain medication should be taken after surgery?

Excedrin is a non-prescription medication that can be taken to relieve pain after surgical procedures. However, Excedrin contains aspirin which is a blood thinner that can contribute to bleeding for a long period of time. Symptoms to watch for when taking this medication is, feeling tired or energy loss. These symptoms can show a drop in blood count. A doctor should be advised if these symptoms are experienced.

Abdominal surgery procedures have been used often to research and treat the organs found inside and around the abdomen. It is often baffling trying to figure out how to prepare for these types of surgeries. Often it can be even more confusing trying to find good aftercare alternatives. When questions arise about abdominal surgery or its procedures, turn to the Experts that can help answer questions.
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