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Volvo 850 R Related Questions

Do the brakes on your Volvo 850 R need to be bled constantly? Do you need to know why the battery is constantly dying? Owning a car such as a Volvo assures the driver quality and comfort. However, any vehicle has its own service schedule and issues over the years based on how it is driven and maintained. At these times, it can help if you are aware of a few common issues and how to tackle them. This is possible through inputs from verified Experts. Read below where Experts have answered questions for Volvo owners.

Why do the brakes of the Volvo 850 R need to be bled every 1,000 kms?

Case Details: During bleeding minimal air exits and a whitish fluid came out of the brake nipple.

This could be an internally leaking master cylinder. If the seals are leaking internally, when the pedal is pushed, fluid can pass between the chambers instead of transferring force to the brake calipers. This increases the need for bleeding. Additionally, with internal leakage in the master, the brake fluid can get aerated or get small air bubbles in it, giving it a whitish appearance.

What are the components to check if the Volvo 850 R battery is constantly dying?

Begin by checking simple things such as the boot or any other interior lights remaining on. Ensure the main battery connections are tight and in good condition and the earth strap to the engine/gearbox is intact. One of the best ways to find what is causing excessive draining is to install a current sensing multi-meter in series with the positive battery lead and the battery. Alternatively, a current clamp meter on the battery positive cable can be used. A typical drain when everything is off and unalarmed should be around 0.05 amps. You should also check whether the alternator is charging the car battery by taking a voltage reading with the engine off and another reading with the engine running. The second reading should be higher than the first and should climb steadily. The alternator should also be secured to the engine as it provides grounding for the charging circuit.

What should be done if the Volvo 850 R’s acceleration is intermittent?

First, the throttle needs to be cleaned. Remove it from the car and clean it using an intake cleaner. This is a spray can cleaner which should be sprayed directly inside the throttle. After that a tooth brush should be used to enable the blade to move freely. Finally, dry it using a clean cloth. It would also help if you replaced the fuel filter.

Why doesn’t the Volvo 850 R start though the flashers work fine?

Case Details: An oversized boat battery was replaced with a Volvo battery.

The alarm system may have been activated. You can try locking and unlocking the car using the remote a few times. If this does not work, use the key on the driver’s door and repeat the above action. If this fails, you may need to unplug the anti-theft relay and plug it back in. The relay block is above the brake pedal and is red in color, labelled as ‘anti-theft’.

What is the location of the ABS ECU on a Volvo 850 R?

The ABS ECU is mounted to the side of the ABS pump. You need to follow the brake lines from the master cylinder to the pump. The controller is the black plastic box with the wiring attached to it.

What steps should be taken to fix the Volvo 850 R after it failed the emission test?

If there are oxygen sensor codes, you need to check for vacuum, air and exhaust leaks. If none are present replace the front and rear oxygen sensors using Volvo replacements. If evaporative fault codes are present, it is a problem with the fuel vapor recovery. This could be a broken hose or defective gas cap seal. Confirmation can be done at a Volvo dealer or shop. A smoke machine can be used to detect a leak and replace the hose. If no leak is found, change the evaporate canister and evaporative valve.

As seen above, there may be occasions when you face problems with your Volvo 850 R or you need information or location details on parts of the car. Obtaining this information and being aware of your options, puts you in a better position to make the right decisions. Moreover, this article is only an overview on some of the Volvo 850 R issues faced. You can seek help for your particular Volvo 850 R problems from Experts online and obtain answers and solutions in a quick and affordable manner.

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