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BMW 745LI Related Questions

Do you own a BMW 745LI which burns oil? Do you experience a parasitic draw in your 745LI? The BMW 745LI has been regarded for its intense performance capabilities, sizable cabin and cutting edge luxury amenities. It is a wonderful car to drive; however, when owners face problems with the various parts, they may not know how to handle them, and questions arise. Read below where Experts have answered questions regarding the BMW 745LI. 

Where are all the fuse boxes located on a 2003 BMW 745LI?

This BMW has a few small fuse boxes under the hood on the passenger side rear of the engine compartment for the engine electronics. You may need to dig around to find all the fuses in that area. In addition to those, there is also a fuse box in the glove box and a fuse box in the trunk on the passenger side.

What could cause a 2004 BMW 745LI to burn oil only when idling?

This could be due to leaky valve seals. The other possibility would be a failure of the crankcase ventilation system, but smoke at idle is generally the valve seals on your engine which is a known problem

What could cause a BMW 745LI to burn oil and give out blue smoke while taking off?

The oil consumption/smoke could be caused by failed crankcase ventilation valves. They could be going bad. The crankcase ventilation valve (ccv) is a pressure regulating valve that keeps a small vacuum on the crankcase to allow the crankcase vapors to be handled. If this valve fails, it can cause oil consumption, sometimes poor running, and the check engine light to turn on. This V8 has two valves, one per valve cover. They are easy to change; you'll need a small mechanic’s pick to carefully undo the tabs holding the plastic cap on. The diaphragm and the spring inside will need to be removed and inspected for cracks. If there is any hole or crack in the diaphragm, you would need to replace the valves. If they haven't been replaced yet on your car, you could do them anyway. 

How to fix a coolant leak in a 2002 BMW 745LI?

If the leak is not obvious, you will first need to have the cooling system pressure tested to locate the leak so it can be repaired. Then, you will need to have the car tested for a blown head gasket as this may have blown if the engine was severely overheated. If the car is overheating, it should not be driven, so it would need to be towed.

Can the lower timing cover in a 2002 BMW 745LI be removed without removing the heads?

If you are not planning to replace the pipe, then you should be able to remove the lower timing cover without pulling the heads. The BMW procedure calls for head removal, but also assumes the pipe will be replaced. If you are not going to remove the pipe, then you should be able to access all the required fasteners by removing the upper timing covers and oil sump. There should still be room to get the cover out as well.

What could cause a parasitic draw in a 2002 BMW 745LI?

There is some component on your vehicle that is draining power overnight while the car is supposed to be off. 

  • The first suspect could be any kind of aftermarket equipment installed.
  • The other common items that cause this drain are the blower motor resistor/speed controller and also the electric engine fan (if fitted).
  • Apart from the above items, it could be any component on the car.

How to determine the cause of the battery drain in a 2002 BMW 745LI?

In order to determine the drain, you will need to unhook the negative battery cable, hook up an amp meter, and measure draw after the car has been locked and has sat untouched for 20min ("sleep mode"). If there is more than about 50ma of draw at this point, you will need to pull fuses one by one until the draw stops. The fuse that stops the draw is the problem circuit. Dealers also have special equipment that they use to pinpoint drains like this. As this is a sophisticated car, it would probably be a better option than the fuse pulling method.

The BMW 745LI has all of BMW’s best attributes and is sporty and luxurious at the same time. This car, though technically equipped with its unique features, could face problems. When faced with problems, turning to an Expert may be beneficial. Mechanical Experts are always available to offer assistance regarding the BMW 745LI.

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