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720P TV Related Questions

Do you want to know why the 720P displays no picture when connected to TIVO through HDMI? Or, what is the problem if picture on a 720P TV takes long to come on? 720P TV resolution is a setting which is more prevalent in older TVs. This can result in complications while being used with other media devices or there may be options to engage this setting. Whatever is your question or problem related to 720P TV settings, online, verified Experts, can diagnose and resolve.

Read below where Experts have answered a few questions about 720P TVs.

What can be done to get the speakers on the Samsung 720P 60HZ to work?

First, find another audio out jack at the rear of the 720P TV. It is usually located above the HDMI inputs and it also needs 3.6mm pin similar to headphone pin to analog audio output signal from the TV. You would also require a 3.5mm stereo to RCA audio cable, plug 3.5mm pin into audio-out jack behind the TV. Next, hook the RCA pins (red-white) into the amplifier to get TV sound.

Why is the Samsung 720P TV not displaying picture when it is connected to TIVO in HDMI mode?

This is probably a resolution issue with the box or a combination issue with the TV and the box. First, you need to check if the DVD works through HDMI, if it does, the TIVO should be able to work unless has the wrong resolution has been set. This is the case if a black screen is visible. The TV is at 720P and it may be possible that the box is set up at 1080P. This probably would need to be brought back up. Another thing could be that even if it is set 1080, without a monitor to view and check the menus, resetting or modifying can be difficult. You can also try to reset the 720P TV by putting it into service mode. To do this, first turn off the TV to standby mode and press within six seconds the following: ‘Info’-‘Menu’-‘Mute’-‘Power On’. This should cause the set to turn on in service mode. Here one should navigate to option 12 or 13 (reset). The TV will switch off and once you turn it on, the HDMI option should be tried again.

What can be done if the 720P TV is taking half an hour to get picture and sound?

This is most probably due to an internal hardware defect which is often associated with a faulty power supply or main/control board. It could also be a manufacturing defect. To deal with this, a possible fix as well as diagnostic solution would be to perform the following reset:

  1. The power cord of the TV should be unplugged.
  2. Allow an hour or so to pass.
  3. The power button of the TV set should be pressed and held for 60 seconds.
  4. It should continue to be pressed while re-plugging the TV and for another 60 seconds after.
  5. It should be noted that while re-plugging, do so directly into the wall outlet, bypassing power strips or surge protectors.

If this process does not work, the 720P TV, would probably need to be replaced to an upgraded model (1080P) which is available for a cost lower than the cost of repair.

Why does the HDMI cable need to be manually removed and reattached for the Hitachi Plasma 720P to recognize it?

Based on the description of the problem, this is probably a limitation of the 720P TV hardware, a HDMI hardware hand-shake issue or HDCP failure. Older 720P TVs are usually not completely HDCP compliant. Moreover, they tend to have resolution conflicts with newer devices. One can try navigating to the settings of the source device (cable box, DVD) where the output format should be set to ‘720P’ instead of ‘Auto’. There may be no other TV settings which can be altered to address this problem as it primarily becomes a hardware problem. This would entail replacing the TV’s mainboard, which may not be a guaranteed solution.

Why has the eight-year-old Vizio 720P TV clicked shut suddenly and not turning back on?

This could be a power supply board failure which is bound to occur on lower model, or older TVs such as this Vizio. The tendency for similar such failures is high as well. Moreover, this TV is not fully HD and has low compatibility levels with the newer equipment in the market. The specifications are 720P/1080i when compared to 1080P which most other equipment such as cable boxes, DVD players, and so on, operate on.

Why is the sound, video and channel change not responding on the Sharp Plasma 720P TV?

Most probably the tuner of the 720P TV is not working or the tuner is probably not selected. You need to check if the input is selected correctly. If it is the TV channels that you wish to change, the input selected should be ‘TV.’ A green light would indicate the TV is working properly. If it is blank or a different color it implies there is a problem.

As seen above, many questions related to 720P TVs have been addressed by Experts online. However, your question may be different from what has been asked and answered above. Therefore, ask Experts online provide answers to your specific question. Their useful information can put you in a better position to take informed decisions. Verified Experts online are a knowledgeable source who can help resolve your doubts and queries, quickly and reasonably.  

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