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3D TV Problems

The 3D television is a technology that provides its viewers a visual ability to perceive the world in three dimensions. Through this technology, every picture on a two-dimensional screen appears to be three-dimensional by using techniques such as multi-view display, Stereoscopic and Autostereoscopic 3D display or any other form of 3D display. The most common form of 3D system used in modern televisions is polarized 3D system or active shutter 3D system. Below are frequently asked questions on problems relating to 3D televisions that have been answered by the Experts.

What could cause a Vizio 3D 42 inch TV screen to light up, the corner light starts blinking, then the TV shuts off?

Based on what you have explained, it is likely the back lights of your TV are shutting down. Usually, these backlights are a chain of lamps that light up the LCD panel screen of the TV without which, you cannot see anything on the screen. You would find them inside the LCD panel screen. In this case, the backlights are failing as there is a possibility that the LCD panel could be faulty or the inverter board is defective. Therefore, in order to prevent fire or cause further damage to the electronics, the unit is shutting itself off. If this unit is still within the warranty period, you would want to visit to contact Vizio Support for a repair service. You would find relevant phone numbers and contact information associated with Vizio Support on this website.

How to fix the HDMI ports on an eight-month-old Samsung 3D TV with no other problems?

In this case, it is most likely that there would be a failure in the main board of your new TV if the HDMIports do not respond to any signal. You could therefore, try to disconnect the TV from the electrical socket for sixty seconds. Then you could plug the TV back in to verify if the problem is still there. In case it is there, you would need to contact the company you purchased the TV set from. Since the TV set is still under the warranty period for service they should arrange for a repair. However, you should not try to open the unit by yourself as that would cancel your warranty.

How to enable 3D for a PS3 that will not play games on a Samsung 3D TV?

The reason this is happening is because you would need to install a couple of firmware updates from Sony that would enable these features on your PS3. In a case like this, it would be a good idea to have your PS3’s firmware updated to its latest version of 3.42. In order to get the correct update version, it’s best to use the update feature on your PS3. You would find the System Update feature right at the top in the Settings menu. You should select it and then you can update the feature through internet, when asked. In case you do not have an internet access, you may want to visit the Norway Sony Support site to update the firmware from the web. You can download the firmware, save it on a USB drive and update it on your PS3. 

3D television is a form of technology that offers its viewers an experience to enjoy television programs, video games and movies in a three-dimensional world. However, every 3D TV has its set of problems. They may relate to issues like ghosting or crosstalk, reduction in brightness, motion blur and so on. If you need clarification about your specific situation with respect to issues related to 3D TV problems, you may ask a TV technician Expert to evaluate your case details and provide a technical insight.

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