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BMW 328i Problems

What is the BMW 328i?

Of all the Models that BMW produces, the 3 Series is the most popular. The 3 Series offers luxury, precision handling and great performance in varying combinations, depending on the specific 3 Series model chosen. The BMW 328i offers practicality, performance and comfort in a combination that appeal to most performance sedan owners. Like any other vehicle, the BMW 328i will have problems and issues from time to time. Read below where Experts have answered questions relating to BMW 328i problems.

Can a tire from a BMW W3 be used on a 2012 BMW 328i Coupe if both require 17 inch wheels?.

Both the BMW 328i and the X3 can be fitted with different size wheels ranging from 16 to 19 inches. Most BMW Experts would advice against using a tire from a BMW W3 on a BMW 328i. . It is better to buy a spare kit that I specific to your car.

If a 1997 BMW 328i Sedan has starting problems but the battery and starter check out fine, could it be the immobilizer not deactivating causing the issue?

There could be various reasons for the starting problem. To try and find the cause begin by checking all the fuses – a defective or loose fuse could cause the problem. if the fuses are okay, disconnect the battery and connect it up again after an hour. This will enable the system to reset itself. If this does not help, the cause could be a bad key – try using another one. Next check that you brake lights are working and if not check the switch located above the brake pedal. If your is an automatic transmission, check to see if the shifter is fully in Park – move it around a bit to be sure. Another problem with automatic transmissions is a defective transmission position switch which signals that the car is in Neutral or Park and is safe to start. If you have a manual transmission, the cause could be a defective clutch switch which signals that the clutch is depressed and the car can be started. If none of these is the cause, and you are sure that the cause is not the starter, battery or fuel supply, then most likely remaining cause would be the immobilizer which will need to be checked at the dealer’s workshop.

The windshield wiper fluid reservoir in my BMW 328i was empty so I refilled it but now the system does not work. Can you tell me what to do?

This is a common problem. When the reservoir emptied dirt from the bottom may have been sucked up and is restricting the flow. Have someone sit in the car and work the switch while you use a pin to see if the nozzles are clear. Gentle prodding with the pin will usually clear any blockage. If that does not help, remove the pump from the reservoir. You will see a small filter at the inlet. Clean that and all should be okay. If not, you could use compressed air to blow out any blockage in the lines. If the problem persists, then the cause is probably a defective pump which may need replacement.

The BMW 3281 is a high performance car built to the company high engineering standards. Like all complex pieces of machinery, the sophistication itself can cause a lot of problems to arise. When troubleshooting BMW328i problems or doing repairs, follow the procedures give in the owner’s manual. If the information you need is not available there, the best thing to do is to get help for Experts.
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