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BMW 325i problems

The BMW 3 series is one of the most popular of the company’s models. BMWs are known for excellence in engineering and design and the BMW 325i symbolizes this. However, like all sophisticated engineering, the complexity of the BMW 325i means that there are many things that can go wrong. Experts on JustAnswer have provided a large number of BMW 325i owners with the solutions they need to solve their problems.

What could be the problem if a 2003 BMW 325i 5 speed feels like the clutch is slipping or moves slow until it warms up?

The problem may be that you need to get your transmission software updated. BMW has a known transmission issue that causes a delay in the park to drive engagement. The best thing to do is to take the car to the dealer and have your software checked and any available updates applied. If this does not solve the problem it could be a mechanical issue which may require the transmission to be rebuilt or replaced.

If a cooling system pump was replaced and bled on a 2006 BMW 325i E90 but the main large fan runs at fluctuating speeds one the car is started and running, what could be the problem?

The most likely cause of the condition is that air is in the system. Perhaps the bleeding was not done properly. A person should bleed the system again and also disconnect the battery for an hour. Once the bleeding is done and an hour has passed connect the battery and see if the problem is gone. It’s unlikely that there is a problem with the fuses, but there’s no harm is checking for loose connections. If the problem remains the best thing to do would be to go to the dealer and have the cooling system checked with the scan tool to determine where the fault lies.

If the oil sensor on a 2006 BMW 325i with an N52 engine seems to have gone bad, could it be an oil leak? If when replacing the sensor, what type of valve cover gasket will be needed

An oil leak in the body of the sensor is not uncommon. When you take the connector off look for oil. If there is oil present, simply clean it off using an electrical cleaner and it should work. There is no separate leak that needs to be fixed. If the sensor does need replacement it will be an updated part that needs to be procured from the dealer. The valve cover for your model year is magnesium and you should use aluminum screws. Since both the valvetronic motor gasket and electric shaft sensor connector seal are known to develop leaks over time, it is usually best if this is replaced at the same time.

If the temperature sensor on a 2003 BMW 325i sedan is beeping and changing from -40 degrees to 122 degrees, what could the problem be and approximately what would the cost be to fix it?

The likely cause of the problem is a defective temperature sensor or the wiring or connector could be shorted or corroded. Because the sensor is located under the front bumper it is also subject to damage when hitting parking curbs. Place the vehicle on a lift and look for the ambient temperature sensor under the front bumper on the left side. First of all check the wiring and connector at the rear of the sensor to find any damaged insulation. Next check for corrosion on the pins of the connector. Then check for signs of damage to the sensor itself. The problem will typically be in one or more of these areas. The cost will depend on whether you need to replace the wiring, the connector pins or the sensor itself. The typical price for a new OEM sensor could be around $50 and about $10 for 2 wiring pins and a new connector. The job will probably require 0.5 to 1 hour of labor. These could vary from $65 per hour at an independent shop to over $150 at the dealer. Make sure the car’s fault memory is cleared after the replacement is done and take the car for a quick drive to allow the temperature reading to register correctly.

BMW 325i owners are usually very proud of their cars and want them to run perfectly. Personalizing the cars by fitting BMW 325i accessories is also very common. The owner’s manual is the best source of information on what should and should not be done to the car and the methods to be used. If the manual does not provide the information you need, obtaining advice from a mechanic is the safest way to proceed.
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