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BMW 320d Problems

The BMW 3 Series is the company’s biggest selling range and comprises of compact executive sedans. The BMW 320d is powered by a diesel engine that provides for very good fuel economy without sacrificing the performance characteristics that the 3 Series is known for. The size of the BMW 320d makes driving in city conditions easy while the power and handling make it a good highway cruiser. Experts on JustAnswer have helped a very large number of BMW 320d owners by providing them with the help and guidance they need to get their car problems resolved.

Is it cheaper to clean and repair fuel injectors in a BMW 320d, or replace them?

Injectors are not normally cleaned and repaired. They are either replaced or professionally refurbished. Repaired ones may not be reliable and could fail at any time. Also they may not work properly and the car may run rough and performance could be affected. Replacing them would be better.

When manually key locking the doors only works intermittently and all the windows open when turning the key, what should be done?

The doors’ not locking manually indicates that either a switch that is part of the lock mechanism has failed or there is a mechanical failure in the door. The door panels will have to be removed to access the interior of the door to locate the fault and have repairs and replacements made. As for all the windows opening, this is a design feature of the car. When the key is turned and held in position, all the windows open.

When trying to refuel a BMW 530d coupe a metal bar blocking the filler pipe was found. What has happened?

The BMW 530d is fitted with a “miss-fueling prevention device” to prevent gas from being put in the diesel tank. Gas nozzles are narrower than those used for filling diesel and will not touch the release pins on the side of the filler neck that will release the bar. Diesel nozzles are wider and cause the bar to release. This problem can arise with older pumps where the nozzles are worn down or may be of the wrong size and do not press the release pins. Try filling up from another place. If the problem goes away then the problems is with the pump and if it remains the misfiling device will need to be checked.

Would changing tires from 225x17x45 to 16 inch with 55 profiles help noise and vibration when driving on gravel roads?

First of all, please double check to ensure that the correct pressure is in all the tires. If that is not the problem, then 16 inch wheels will provide for a softer ride than the 17 inch ones. Alternatively, try using different tires of the same size such as Serenity by Bridgestone.

What are some things to look for when buying a 2002 BMW 320d with 120k miles?

This is a high mileage car so the service history is important. If satisfied with that, the possible problems a user could face are turbo failure, intake manifold swirl flap and excessive engine coking if the car was mainly used for short distance trips. Also expect problems with the front brake reaction bushes, rear sub-frame mount bushes, trailing arm bushes and wheel bearings.

Although it is among the smaller of BMW’s product line, the 3 Series is still a highly complex piece of engineering and technology. While the owner’s manual does provide a great deal of information on dealing with BMW 320d problems, it may not cover all the possible problems the owner may have to deal with. In such cases getting Expert advice on resolving the issues is the best way to deal with the problems.
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