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2Wire Router Problems

A 2Wire wireless router is a very common and useful electronic device that allows you to create multiple connections through your current Internet connection without the use of many Ethernet cables. If your router is wireless, it must be hooked up to the main modem of your Internet connection to enable transfer of data to other computers. However, like all electronic devices, you may have faced a few problems concerning 2Wire routers. Listed below are a few questions answered by the Experts on 2 wire issues related to 2Wire routers and modems.

I notice that the wireless light on my 2Wire 2701HG-G gateway is on even when I am not connected through the wireless. My other machines don’t have wireless connections and despite re-booting and changing my password, it still comes on. Is this normal?

You should be alright unless you notice other devices connected on your router configuration page. It’s good to keep a regular check on this though. Sometimes, this could also occur as a result of other devices located close by, such as a neighbor for example, scanning the area for nearby networks. If possible, try and enable the option that lets you block all computers on your network by default.

I have a 2wire Gateway wireless router connected to my AT&T wireless internet. The router keeps resetting and sometimes doesn’t come back for hours. What is the possible reason for this?

It seems like you need to get the firmware updated on the router. To do this, you would have to call AT&T to configure the settings first because if you update the firmware before that it may make the router go back to factory settings. The firmware can be downloaded from this link:

After you download the firmware, click on the link below, fill in the required information and call the contact number that appears on your screen.

I have a two year old DSL Modem and 2Wire gateway. I notice that the power light, DSL light and internet light have all turned red. Should I send it for repair?

It’s better to contact the company you purchased this from and speak to the Warranty department. If you can’t get them to replace it, you might have to buy a new one from them.

My AT&T 2Wire Router won’t reach the rooms I want. Do I use a repeater to make the signal reach the whole house—a distance of about 40 feet from router installation—for my laptop, smartphones and slingblade?

To solve this problem, connect a wireless extender at a central location in your home to help you increase your signal to your entire house. For example, if your modem is situated in one room and you need signal to another room which is 40 feet away, locate the extender in an outlet that is half the distance between the two rooms. This extender should plug into an electrical outlet and you can set it up easily.

While you may have come across a few of the issues mentioned above, there may be others that are unique to your particular situation. While some of these can be fixed on your own, in other cases, it may mean that you have to replace your router or get a professional to take a look at it. Whatever be your problem, direct your query to an Expert for guidance on the quickest and most cost-effective way to tackle your issue.
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