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Mercedes 280SL Problems

The Mercedes 280SL was part of the SL line that was first introduced in the 1950s. The 280SL went on to be manufactured between 1967 and 1971 and was available in both a coupe and a convertible model. Although most models were designed with a four-speed transmission, some of the models also came with five-speed transmissions. As is the case with any luxury car, owners may have questions about or have faced problems with the Mercedes 280SL over time. Some of these have been addressed by the Experts and are listed below.

Where can the automatic transmission oil input for a Mercedes 280SL be found?

Look for the oil dipstick. This usually has a red cap on it and is placed in the rear of the engine near the firewall. Alternatively, look under the vehicle and follow the transmission which will also guide to the oil dipstick.

Does a Mercedes-Benz 280SLcomes with airbags and where can the VIN be found?

This model has not been designed with air bags. To find the VIN, open the hood and check the radiator support. The VIN should be stamped on it and generally begins with the numbers 107.042.

Where should an owner check for body or chassis rust on old Mercedes 280SL?

With this model, although the whole car isn’t rust-proof, the trunk and floor plans are parts that could easily get rusted. In the situation, it would help to get a Mercedes professional who understands the SL model well to place the car on a lift and inspect it properly, before choosing to buy it. Check everything from steering to oil leakage, the cooling system and interior features since there would be a difference between buying the car as a project or a fully restored model.

What can be done when the problem is a spark from the coil on a Mercedes 107, 280 SL, but nothing from the distributor the battery light isn’t lit either?

Case details: Old distributor, new ht leads, clean distributer cap, fully charged battery, new plugs, rotor done 5000 miles.

In this situation, may have to replace the distributor cap and rotor since the coil has a spark but the plugs don’t. Typically, the spark from the coil travels to the cap, through the rotor and then comes out of each plug. Check if the distributor is turning when cranking the motor. If it is, replacing a new cap and rotor should fix the problem.

The issues with the battery light would generally not be related to this problem. If it doesn’t come on once the ignition is switched on, it’s probably bad brushes or the voltage regulator in the alternator has become defective. If none of this is a problem, it could be that the battery bulb has have burned out or the wiring to the alternator may have become faulty.

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