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Mercedes 220D Related Questions

Why is the acceleration of a Mercedes 220D so poor? Do all warning lights have to be attended to immediately? Maintenance and repairs can, at times, be performed by the owner. However,if you are faced with these or other 220D problems, Experts are available to help you overcome them. Read below for questions verified mechanical Experts have answered for owners.

If the SRS warning light illuminates in a Mercedes 220D after refitting the steering wheel, does the system have to be reset to remove it?

If the steering wheel of the vehicle was removed and put back, it is likely that the connection to the airbag was not done or is loose. This is the reason for the SRS light to be on. Resetting the system will not fix this. The steering wheel will have to be removed again and the airbag connection checked. It is important that the safety precaution of disconnecting the battery and waiting for 10 minutes before working on the airbag be observed.

Is it okay to consider buying a used Mercedes 220D if the vehicle is in showroom condition but the acceleration seems slow and the gas mileage is only 22 MPG?

The Mercedes 220D is generally considered to be an underpowered vehicle and is known to offer poor acceleration. 22 MPG is an acceptable gas mileage figure for this vehicle.

What can be done to fix a front passenger seat on a 2003 Mercedes 220D that is stuck in the fully reclined position?

Toggling the seat recline switch back and forth rapidly a few times may clear whatever is blocking it. Sometimes disconnecting the seat module, which is located under the seat, for five minutes can cause it to reset and start working again. If the seat is equipped with memory buttons, pressing them may cause the seat to return to a preset position. If none of these work, the module may need to be replaced.

Does the ignition key on a Mercedes 220D not springing back after the engine fires mean the switch is failing and needs to be replaced?

If there is no spring back it means that the electrical part of the ignition switch has failed. This does not require that the complete switch assembly be replaced. Installing only a new electrical portion of the switch should fix the problem. Had the tumbler portion of the switch failed, the cost would be much higher.

What is the reason for the engine of a Mercedes 220D to die when pressure is lifted from the accelerator pedal?

Case Details: Additionally, when started in the mornings the engine suddenly revs up on its own and then dies. After starting the vehicle 2 or 3 times the problem seems to go away.

While a faulty fuel pump could be the reason for these issues, it is more likely that air is entering the fuel system. This can cause the engine to die when the pedal is not pressed and for the revs to surge on starting. The system must be completely free of any air entering it. The fuel lines and the pump will have to be inspected to identify where the leakage is occurring.

What is the reason for a 1968 Mercedes 220D that used to cruise comfortably at 80 MPH now not going beyond 65 MPH?

Case Details: The vehicle is fine in every other respect with no excessive smoke or oil consumption. Valve and timing chain adjustment has not improved performance.

This does not appear to be a valve or timing chain issue. An inability to reach top speed is normally related to a fuel supply or injection pump problem. The first thing to check is the fuel tank screen. It is common of these to become coated with algae which will restrict the fuel supply. Next, check for leaks or damage to the fuel lines. Then the primer pump should be tested to ensure that it is not sucking in air. After this the next step is to check the throttle linkage and the injection pump. The linkage should be completely disassembled and cleaned and all the sockets and pivot point lubricated to ensure that full throttle is available when the accelerator pedal is pressed. The linkage at the intake manifold throttle plate should also be checked. If after all this, the problem is not resolved or there is only partial improvement, the injection pump should be tested for any fault. A common problem is the leather diaphragm at the back of the pump failing  and causing the power to drop.

What will cause the automatic transmission of a 1970 Mercedes 220D to become stuck in neutral and is this a repair that should be done at a Mercedes dealer or a local shop?

Case Details: The shifter moves freely but the transmission remains in neutral.

It is possible that the linkage under the vehicle has come loose. If that is the case, it is a fairly simple repair that can be done by a local shop. The vehicle will need to be put on a lift the confirm that this is the problem. If it is, a retaining clip may have to be purchased from a Mercedes dealer. If it is not a linkage issue, then the problem is likely to be a more serious one of either fluid loss or internal transmission failure.

Finding the correct solutions to your Mercedes 220D problems is the key to ensuring that the right repairs are carried out. The information that Experts can give you will enable you to make the right repair decisions. Verified mechanical Experts are readily available to answer all questions pertaining to your specific problem. 

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