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Chrysler 200 Problems

The Chrysler 200 is a car with an overall good engine and is available with a 2.4liter, 4 cylinder 3.6 liter, or a V6. While the 2.4L engine is a “world” or shared engine designed and developed jointly with Hyundai, the Chrysler 200, 3.6L is the latest. Just as any other make and model vehicle can have issues, the Chrysler 200 has had its share.

To know more about Chrysler 200 problems, listed below are common questions answered by Experts.

What can be done to fix a convertible top on a Chrysler 200 that malfunctioned and is stuck in the down position? .

Most probably the problem lies with the position sensor or micro-switch. This problem may need to be investigated further at the dealership and should be covered if the car is still under warranty. In the meantime to temporarily deal with the problem and have the top closed, the following actions can be taken. The hood should be opened and the negative jumpstart post should be located. Next the cable from the stud should be removed to disconnect the battery. After 15 minutes, the cable can be reconnected after which it may be possible to close the convertible top. This action essentially resets the fault inhibiting movement making it functional until the fault is rediscovered. Another option is to open the trunk to ensure the top is not being internally prevented or obstructed to open in any manner.

Why is only the driver’s side heater functional on a 2012 Chrysler 200 and does this signify that the heater and radiator core needs replaced?

A common problem being faced some of the 2012 Chrysler 200 vehicles is sludge formation in the cooling system causing one half of the heater core to get plugged. If this obstruction is allowed to remain, the radiator can get clogged allowing more sludge to break loose and further obstruct the heater core. Hence as per the dealer’s recommendation, it is necessary to opt for a heater core and radiator replacement to correct this problem. Typically this concern should be covered in the three year or 36,000 mile warranty.

How is the trunk release button disabled on a 2011 Chrysler 200?

Generally the trunk release button is disabled after a 30 second delay once the car is locked. Additionally the trunk release button is disabled when the doors are locked using the power lock button or the keyless entry system. This button remains disabled until either the doors are unlocked using keyless entry or the ignition is turned to “run or start” positions using a programmed key. This implies that even if the window is broken open or the top is slit, the trunk cannot be accessed without the key as long as the vehicle has been locked previously.

Is it a serious problem if the electronic throttle control light is blinking and the MIL light is lit on a Chrysler 200?

There may be a range of possibilities which can trigger the ETC and engine lights; however most may not be considered serious. The problem could be simple as a loose vacuum hose or a faulty MAP sensor. The most expensive possibility is a failed power train control module. If the car is under basic warranty, this repair is covered. However it is better to have the Chrysler 200 inspected further especially if other symptoms are being experienced as well.

Is it normal to hear the movement of gas in the gas tank each time the brakes are pressed on the 2012 Chrysler 200?

This is a normal phenomenon on the Chrysler 200. If you wish to eradicate it, sound absorbing material should be added to stop the sound from travelling. Chrysler may adopt this technique in the near future. Informing the dealer of any dissatisfaction can help record the Chrysler 200 problem onto the database. This can stir an initiative to issue a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) and have the concern addressed.

If the Chrysler 200 is being used for several years, it needs to be operated and maintained well. As seen above, occasionally Chrysler 200 problems such as error codes, operating questions, driving defects and so on can arise. At such times, you may wish to try and troubleshoot the problem before approaching a professional. This is when Experts can be the guides to point you in the right direction and arm you with necessary information to make a proper diagnosis. And in some cases, eliminate the need to visit the repair shop/dealer.
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