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Are medical expenses paid for with tax deferred HSA money

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Are medical expenses paid for with tax deferred HSA money eligible to be claimed on Federal Schedule A?

No, they are not. You already deducted the contributions either on Form 1040 or through your W-2. So, getting a deduction for that would effectively be double dipping and getting the deduction twice.

Customer: replied 8 months ago.
I suppose that would leave only expenses that weren't reimbursed out of the HSA then.
Mileage and some miscellaneous.
If something is eligble for reimbursement using HSA money, it seems like it's also likely deductable.
Is that so?
Thinking in particular about about Specialized food products (or the difference in cost between regular and this food).
Gluten Free products in particular.

That's true, you'd only have things that were not reimbursed.

Yea. If its eligible for HSA money, then it will be deductible on Schedule A if you did not use your HSA to reimburse you.

Yea, the food is if it meets three tests:

1. The food doesn't satisfy normal nutritional needs, 2. The food alleviates or treats an illness, and 3. The need for the food is substantiated by a physician.

Here's a pretty good list of what's HSA eligible:

Customer: replied 8 months ago.
The 10% of AGI threshold to claim Medical on Schedule A is based on AGI (whether it's the combined income when filing as Married, or on an individual's AGI when filing separately). Is that correct?

Yea, it's based on AGI. However, the new tax bill changed the 10% to 7.5% for everyone.

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