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Filling out the LM3 form for labor organization annual

Customer Question

Filling out the LM3 form for labor organization annual report having an issue with question 24 line 10. How do I calculate the total amount of taxes withheld?
Submitted: 2 months ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  CGCPA replied 2 months ago.

the easiest way is to gather the W-2 forms. On them you will see boxes for Federal Income tax, Medicare tax, Social Security tax, and State Income tax withheld (perhaps even a local income tax withheld. Simply add these taxes together and you have your answer.

If the W-2 forms are not available you can use forms 941 and any related State and Local income tax returns. If that is the case add the Federal Income tax, State ands Local Income tax amounts. To that add 1/2 the Medicare and Social Security tax amounts and, again you have the number. It is also a good way to verify the answer in the first method. It may differ by a few cents due to rounding but since returns are usually filed in whole dollars, it will not matter.

If none of these is available you will need to contact the IRS at and the state tax agency to get copies of the returns.