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Did they (IRS) get my form and my check I sent mid

Customer Question

Did they (IRS) get my form and my check I sent mid October??? I had an extension but had to file paper forms next 3 years as someone stole my identity and filed false forms. For first time, I did my own forms and owed Feds money! I sent check, but fear I also owe them interest. I have not heard from them. The State Of MI. says they have not gotten my forms although I also sent them in mail Oct. 16, so that makes me worried! I am due to get over $700 back from them So confused about all this. thanks, CArolyn
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  Dr. Fiona Chen replied 11 months ago.

Dear Customer,

No need to worry at this point. It has only been less than three weeks from the date you file. If you use hand filled form and using post office, the tax returns need time to be process internally before they show up in the computer system.

1. I am assuming you are talking about your tax returns when you refer to forms.

2. If they owe you money, and they lost your tax return, you can always resubmit your tax return to get the refund. But don't do it. Give them at least 6 weeks to receive and process.

3. Hopefully, when you mailed the returns, you have gotten some type of receipt for your mailing. However, it is not a "fatal" issue.

4. For the federal tax return, if you have attached check, verify with the bank. Your returned check is your receipt of payment.

Even us professionals, filing with the best software available with professional service provider, we at least wait for three weeks before we even think about what is happening with the tax return.

5. No news is good news for now. If they change or modify your tax returns, they will send you notices to let you know the changes.

6. Next year, if you worry, use a type of mailing method which will give you a return receipt or delivery confirmation so that you will not worry.

Please feel free to follow up.



Customer: replied 11 months ago.
This site is a rip sorry I signed on and gave u my credit card really gave my no actual info at all. I am still in the dark as I was before as I thought YOU would find out status of mu Fed form, but NO, YOU did not do this. Thanks for nothing..
Expert:  Stephen G. replied 11 months ago.


Another expert here......................

I can assure you that this site is not a "rip-off".

All you need to do is ask for a refund and you will receive it; we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

That said, you can go to and go to the "Where's my Refund" section, enter your information and you will receive a status report with respect to your federal return. It may simply say "In Processing". However, you will know that they received your return.

I would gladly look up the status of your return for you, but due to Privacy Laws, we are unable to do that here. Only you & the IRS has access to your income tax returns.

If you wish you can provide a rating for me and if you still want a refund, let me know & I will contact Customer Service on your behalf and have them issue a credit to the same card that was charged for the full amount you paid.

Thanks very much for your anticipated understanding.

We aren't about scamming or ripping off customers.

Steve G.