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Dr. Fiona Chen
Dr. Fiona Chen, Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
Category: Tax
Satisfied Customers: 482
Experience:  Former IRS Revenue Agent
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Ok, DrChen, here is another. This one is more serious and is

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Ok, DrChen, here is another. This one is more serious and is immediate.
I n 2010, my accountant helped me form an LLcCin the state of Washington where she lives and practices accounting. She is a CPA; further she is the registered agent.. My business is in California and always has been.
I recently had occasion to search on my business's name on the SoS Washington's website. I discovered that I did not pay my annual LLC fees last year and my LLc has been administratively dissolved. Realize that I a still ding business as the LLc in Calif. My accountant's office had always sent me a notice when it was time to pay the fees and submit the annual list of members.
So I call the Sos of Washington's office and was told the process of becoming re-instated which included having the registered agent (my accountant ) also fill out part of the form because her address had changed.
When I called her office and after the telephone answerer conferring with the accountant, I was told that I no longer needed to have the Washington LLC active in Washington because I was doing business and paying taxes in in Calif., that I was now ‘registered’ (by default I suppose) in Calif.
I expressed concerned that I now felt like I was a DBA- which I did NOT to be- and felt ‘naked’ with no business entity to do business from. I was told that the accountant would explain it to me but ‘not to worry’. Well frankly I am worried.
What do you think about operating in Calif on an inactivated (dissolved) Washington LLC as if it were active. Sounds like a DBA to me.
You may wonder why I ask questions of you when I already have an accountant; it’s because I rarely get to talk with her. I can wait weeks to have questions answered. Furthermore, I want a second opinion.

Dear Customer,

Suggest to find a larger CPA firm, or a regional smaller high-end prestige CPA firm. They have policy to return phone call within 24 hours.

It sounds like your California registration is based on your Washington LLC.

If your business has always been in California, why did you register in Washington?

Suggest to close the Washington LLC and register in California as C Corporation.

What is the type of business industry you are?

If you are small business, try to use the same corporation name as DBA name.

Please feel free to follow up.



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