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Why was I cheated out of $5876 dollars? Who defrauded me out

Customer Question

Why was I cheated out of $5876 dollars? Who defrauded me out of my refunds and kept my money --yet put a note in the return letter saying my refunds were going towards the Iraq War?
I know all seven reasons that the IRS will decline a refund ---but this is not one of them!
The taxes in question were filed in 2001 (eg. 1997-2001) thru Damon Tax Services in Cincinnati, OH:
$ 61.00 - 1997/rec'd - Earnings: $23,785
$2659.00* - 1998 (never received refund) - Earnings $7,271
$3217.00* - 1999 (never received refund) - Earnings $15,039
$1206.00 - 2000/rec'd - Earnings $23,750
$ 806.00 - 2001/rec'd - Earnings $29,018
The money would still be due me even if I filed yesterday. According to a recent social security statement with information derived from the IRS the government can trace my earnings all the way back to 1969 when I earned $780 at the age of 17 years old.
Brenda Moore ***** #5
Cincinnati, OH 45212
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  Rick Martin replied 11 months ago.

Hi, I'm happy to help. I kindly ask that you give me a positive rating after I provide you with an answer if you are happy with my service. I'm available to answer any follow up questions after. Please give me a moment to respond.

Expert:  Rick Martin replied 11 months ago.

Brenda, it's best if you are online for us to discuss this matter, and I see you are no longer online. I will look for you to return online so we can write about what happened. -Rick

Expert:  PDtax replied 11 months ago.

Hi from just Answer. I'mCustomer I see your first expert opted out, so I can assist.

If the returns were filed that many years ago, IRS will have records, but they do not have to pay unless the returns were timely filed and you never received your refunds. The best way to look into the refund status is to request tax transcripts from IRS. Here's how:

Expert:  PDtax replied 11 months ago. offers a get transcript service, but it does not go back far enough to address your questions.

I suggest getting assistance from IRS, via Form 911 (link: The IRS Taxpayer Advocate will assist by researching your records, obtaining transcripts or other documents if available (IRS is acknowledging that a number of documents are not available any more, just warning you in advance). They are generally very responsive to taxpayer issues, and the people who work in this group are among their most experienced personnel.

The Advocate typically responds by phone to you within 48 hours of form submision, and will work with you until the matter is closed.

I hope this helps. Good luck, and thanks for using Just Answer. Please rate my assistance using our rating scale. Positive feedback is appreciated. I'mCustomer